Friday, August 2, 2013

21st Birthday Wish List!♥

Hello lovelies!

August has come and in a few days time (10 days in exact), 
I'll be celebrating my 21st birthday! :DD

I'm soooooo excited about it so I've decided to come out with a birthday wish list!
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I haven't really came out with a birthday wish list before so this is probably my first time doing it!
To be frank, while I was searching for all the things I wanted, 
I felt sooooo dreamy! 
It made me really happy just by scrolling and choosing pretty pictures of the things I want!

On a side note, 
I made this wish list for myself because these are the things I WISH i had.
Doubt I'm gonna buy them for myself any soon because they are all soooo pricey~
which is also why it's called a wish list! LOL.

Always wanted a PANDORA bracelet for myself after I walk pass a boutique store at Sydney.
It's really beautiful and meaningful because each charm on the bracelet represents a significant moment of your life!

This is the latest fragrant in the VS BOMBSHELL series, 
I love BOMBSHELL too but after testing both scent of each of my wrist.
I prefer BOMBSHELL FOREVER because it's more refreshing at the beginning and the scent just gets sweeter as the hours past! Not only that, it last longer too!

I want a Mac Book. 
I love my current Fujitsu pink laptop as she's been a really strong lady that fought through nights and projects with me for the past 3 years without failing me before!
However, for the new school year...
I want to get myself a new laptop and Mac Book will definitely be my first choice (;

4. Ring Light
 A ring light is a necessity for a blogger! 
This is an equipment that I will definitely buy for myself soon!

5. Insta-Camera
 I've always wanted a insta-camera but I haven't bought it because I can't decide which one I want!
In the end, I've chosen this! 
The insta-camera with a little mirror infront so that you will never waste any films 
trying to find the right angle to take insta-photos!

6. Wallet
Planning to invest on a branded wallet soon!
The last one I invested on was a River Island Wallet when I was 16!

 7. Converse High Cut (Black)

Just bought my first Converse a few weeks back and I'm in looooove with Converse sneakers!
They are soooo comfy to be in!
So I'm planning to invest on another converse sneaker soon and this time, it's a high-cut classic black!

Alright, that's probably all I can come up with now.

Tomorrow is gonna be my "first" day of school because I'm going for my first elective class!^^
Gonna meet my new SIT friends in no time!
Time to go to bed!
p.s.: Geez... I'm soooo excited!

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