Monday, May 28, 2012

Say Goodbye.

Its my last few days in Sydney already...
3months have just past!!!
Time flies...
As it is the last few days (in fact, another 5 more days to be exact),
i've decided to continue blogging my journey in Sydney when im back in Sg (:
It's NOT because im lazy.. 
but it's merely because i don't wanna spend an extra amount of money on the internet charges..
p.s: i'm blogging in school :DD heehee
yesterday was a disappointing & tiring day ):
i bought the Groupon voucher to go for Whale watching yesterday. 
However,  we didn't get to see any whales because it is still not the peak season yet ): 
the peak season should be around July to October period.
To make the matter worst, i ate the  medication to prevent myself from getting seasick.
instead of feeling better, it made my mouth super dry, my body super lethargic & sleepy.
So after 3hours of boat ride, we cancel our plans to go to the Fish Market to going home & sleep.
to be frank, yesterday afternoon is the worst day ever!!
the Groupon voucher allows us to go on another boat trip another day if we miss our chance to see the whales yesterday,, but yesterday as our last weekend here!!!! )):
We wanted to head to the Fish Market yesterday after Whale Watching but too bad,, we're too lethargic to continue so after a loooooong nap at home,, we went to the The Rocks Pancake House to have our last scrumptious meal 

After the meal, we walked around & enjoy the Vivid lights & contemporary arts (:
photos will be posted up later when im back in Sg...

just so you guys know, im at the midst of packing my luggages... 
apparently as expected, my luggage is overweight -.-
Clara's too!!!
so we shared a paid amount for our excess baggage online..
here's 1 tip!!!
Do NOT try your luck at the Airport for the excess baggage as that will cost you a bomb if they don't allow your bag to go through...
there are chances that they will just "close one eye" & let you pass..
BUT that is only allowed unless the plane you're taking is not during the peak period or there is very little people taking the same plane as you..
otherwise, most likely you'll have to pay more for the excess baggage.
Another tip for you!!
for excess baggage payment, it is always cheaper to pay online than on the spot.
for my flight, 
my excess baggage only cost SGD$68 online instead of the usual SGD$80 if you pay on the spot.

here's my last post from Sydney..


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