Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Off to the Cliff (Part 1)

First of all.. 
you may be wondering why am i blogging again??
Actually.. i was thinking of spending my last week in Sydney without blogging, surfing the net or even Skype..
but somehow, i just can't live without the internet!!!
so i bought extra internet data to blog, Skype & surf the net for the last week :DD
so here it is...
i'm blogging again :DD
here it is...the first part of the big post..
just so you know, i've divided this post into 3 parts just so that the photos would not be so overwhelming (:


 We went for trekking around the coastal line of Sydney on one of the coldest day...
not a very wise choice but the view & scenery is just worth it (: 

 Feel the wind on your skin ~

 have you notice the direction where is seagulls are flying towards?
They look as if they are flying towards the big blue sea right??
In fact, they are not!!!
The wind is sooooo strong that the seagulls don't have to fly at all.
All they did was just merely flapping out & spreading their wings out and face the direction of the wind.
Instead of flying against the wind, they just "float" in mid air & let the strong wind blow against them!!!
how cool is that?!

 It is said that the lifeguard are H.O.T
i havent seen any lifeguards on this beach yet tho...

a photo of what we wore to trekking :DD
Dr. Martens is always our first choice 

 Tiny Clara 

 The sand is soooo clean, fine & soft...
too bad the weather is too cold,
i would have spend my day on the beach sun-tanning if it is summer now!!!

 One Step At a Time 
 Meeting my Uncle in this bar first before we start trekking..
the trekking pictures will be seen in the next post so stay tune people!!!

Just before i finish this blog post,
im gonna put the best photo of the day.......
credits to Clara

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