Thursday, January 27, 2011


Different women value different things, but we generally agree with common things we hope our guy have.

1. Looks

Above average is what we are looking for. Being good looking is like a bonus. Women likes guys that are good looking, but this have to go with intelligence. If you are good looking and brainless, then it's just too bad. We don't like guys that sound like an idiot.

there is a saying that goes " if i have to choose between a ugly prince & a handsome frog,i'd rather stay single ((: "

2. Great Personality & Great Sense of Humor

Great personality is more attractive than great looks. Best is to have a great sense of humor, if not, it's going to bore the girls to death. It's true that not everyone will like your character and your sense of humor, don't be demoralize, there are still people who appreciates.

3. Well dress - Fresh & Neat

What i meant by well dress it's not being trendy or wearing brands. By being neat and look fresh, it is good enough to attract woman.

I personally don't like guys with stained teeth and smells bad. In short, i don't like smokers.
Can't picture myself kissing a guy that have super bad breath that even after spraying breath spray.
It's just eekie.
& i prefer guys with short hair than long hair (:

4. Security

Women like guys that can provide shelter whenever they want. Guys who are forward looking and ambitious.

p.s: i like BIG gives me a sense of security too((:

5. Element of Surprise

All women loves surprises. Unpredictability is the spice of life. Being predictable takes the excitement out of a relationship or interaction.

Guys who go for an extra mile to make surprises is SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET ((:

6. A Listening Ear

What women want is juat a pair of listening ear. We want sympathy, and not solutions. When a woman talks about a problem she's having, JUST LISTEN TO HER and do not offer any advice unless she asked. We just want you to pay attention while she vents, and then she will FEEL BETTER.
We may be unreasonable at times, we are really sorry about that, but we won't apologise that very moment, we will try to not talk about it and hope you aren't angry.
So we really need forgiving guys =)

PMS is a huge problems to many girls..especially me.
my mood swings is a killer. BEWARE. :P

ok,,that's all folks!!
nights everyone^^


  1. thanks for sharing this dear..

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