Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

finally exams are over..YAY!!!!
& i have time to blog again^^

shall blog about V'day with my boy on 14/02/2011.

it's my first time celebrating V day with him..
we had spent a fruitful day together...just baby & i ((:
first thing in the afternoon,i was called to see house because he had made a mini surprise for me.
when i got to his house..he asked me to go to his room & TADAH!!!!
a bouquet of flowers is sitting at 1 corner of his bed waiting for my arrival.

this is my first time receiving a bouquet a real flowers on V'day^^

p.s: this is also baby's first time giving flowers to his girlfriend.

look at his "i'm still sleepy" face..
cute eh??

my bouquet of flowers

his gamer razor & chocolates

our V day presents.
i brought us a couple cup.. isn't it cute??

we went to woodland's NTUC to buy ingredients to make pasta for dinner((:\

cam-whoring with my flowers after i reached home.

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