Friday, September 21, 2012


Blogshop Review
Recently, I bought 2 apparels for myself from The Handlebar.
The Handlebar is an online fashion boutique that started off early this year.
It carries a wide range of fashionable items at affordable prices.

I'm a very particular customer when it comes to customer service & 
The Handlebar never fails to satisfy my needs and respond to my doubts whenever i email them!!
Their efficient customer services & quality products really made my day :DD
Hence, need-less to say, 
The Handlebar is one of my listed favourite blogshop!!

The first apparel that i bought was the
Daydream U-back Crop Top

 The second apparel that i bought was the
Forever21 Inspired Tribal Tank

Both apparels came separately because the Forever21 Inspired Tribal Tank was a backorder,
hence, i had to wait for about 2 weeks before it arrived.
However, the first apparel was sent to me as soon as i did my payment!!(:
I was really happy with the efficient services!!

On top of that,
The Handlebar also gave me a Maybelline's Goodie Bag worth SGD30++!!!

Here's the first apparel!!
Daydream U-back Crop Top
  For the first look, i paired this beautiful crop top with my favourite fish-tail dress 
& accessorize with a dream-catcher earring. (:

  For the second look, i paired the crop top with a dark denim high-waist short 
& accessorize with a feathery earring. (:

  For the third look, instead of pairing it with a high-waist short, 
i paired the crop top with a low-waist denim & accessorize with a dream-catcher necklace!!
(i'm crazy over dream-catchers & feathery accessories so pardon all my looks :X) 

  For the last look, 
i just simply wore a leather jacket to give that biker chick look

Simply love the U-back design!!!
It just shows off my sexy back yeah?!~
heehee :P 

On to the next apparel...
Feat. Forever21 Inspired Tribal Tank
 For the first look, i paired the tribal tank with a skirt sponsored by Kristine's Collection
& accessorize the look with my new favourite shade

 For the second look, i paired the tribal tank with a simple plain black skirt from H&M
& accessorize the whole look with a white feathery earring

Both look 1 & 2 are examples of simple casual looks 
if you wanna pair this tribal top with a skirt (:
 For the third look, i paired the tribal tank with a denim short & a simple black belt.
On top of that, i accessorize the look with my new favourite shade & you're off to go!!

Love this look the most because it's simple & casual!!
Suitable for a day at the beach (eg: SENTOSA) and/or the USS :DD

More photos with a different shade :DD
ahh.... *self-admiring*

 For the last look, i just simply top the third look with a denim tied-up jacket!!
Effortlessly fashionable!!

The Handlebar always stock up new arrivals every Sunday.
For this week, here are some of my favourites from the new arrivals!!   




Do remember to grab them before they go out of stock!!! 

Photos are taken by my sister

& Le boy
 I'll be getting my own tripod stand soon to take photos for myself soon!!


Don't forget to LIKE their Facebook Page for their latest giveaways & promotions!!!

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