Monday, August 6, 2012


Lets flash back to 2 weeks ago...
i went to this event at Zouk to model for Kristine's Collection at Booth K!!
it's my first time at Zouk!!
And.... here's a little confession about me.
Im going 20 & i've only been to Rebel for an actual clubbing session.
so in conclusion... im not a party girl (;
not yet. :P
 before i leave my house...
i took a few pictures with my lil' sister (:

 First photo after i reach Zouk!!


 The photo of the whole venue from above (:
Zouk look really princess-y that day!! 
♥ Pinkish & Girly 
totally fitted for a girls shopping spree!! :DD

photos credits to Kristine (:
 Kristine's Collection is one of the few blogshops that Self Manufacture ladies apparels (:
I love this blogshop sooo much because of the quality in the dresses they produce as well as the exquisite & dressy affair they're in 
 Here are some of the Show Case designs coming up soon!!!
The gown on the mannequin is one of the year end design!!
so this is why you must stay tune to the upcoming collections...

 Here's the Sales corner!!!
it's all from the pass collections & sold at a cheaper price!!
best of all... 
if you have been to the event,
you will actually receive an extra $5 discount voucher from me where you can spend it on both current & sales apparels!!
(yes, i was the one who is giving away the $5 voucher)

 On the same day,
Maybelline is also giving away free make-over for shoppers at the event!!

 my sweet & friendly ladyBOSS 
 i saw Zoe Raymond at the event (:
at first i saw hesitating if i should ask for a photo with her,
but then i pull up my courage and walk up to her before she walked away...
& she turns out to be super friendly and offered to take the photo using her camera(:
& as promised, she uploaded the photo to her blog.

The host for the event,
 she is really pretty & friendly (:
(i love her smile!!)

i saw my friend too!!
She is a major fan of Missy Pixie!!
& she took a half-day leave just to shop at this event!!

One super nice photo taken by Kristine featuring Kristine's Collection
 I love this dress a lot!! 
p.s: The dress that i wore is one of the hot favourite seller at the event!!

 Featuring the Handsome guys that came to help out at the booth!!!
They are really friendly & helpful :DD
 Here's a photo of one of the frequent shopper of Kristine's Collection
together with Kristine & i ^^

 Lunch Time!!!
i had my lunch before the
 longest run-way walk from all the participating blogshop models (:

 Here's our tall & gorgeous model, Amandal in one of the new exquisite dress!!!
She is sooooo pretty 

Here are the rest of the models from all the other blogshops (:
They all look stunning & each model stands out in their own way to 
feature the blogshop's style & uniqueness. 

Here's some of the apparels i wore on the event (:
 Kristine & i camwhore in the dressing room :DD

Here are some of the upcoming collections (:

 i love this blazer!!
Simple & Sleek

ok,, here's a random photo of me:

Some group photo of the hardworking bees for the event before i leave...

Cabbing back to get some rest before dinner!!
 My BF accompanied me throughout the whole event & helping out at the 
cashier area hence,i treated him Jack Place for dinner (:
His favourite: Steak!!!

see his tired face!!!
poor boy 

My T-boned steak 

His Fish & Steak combo

i have a good news to announce!!!
i'm officially Kristine's Collection new exclusive model!!! 
i totally love working with them!!!

till the next post,


  1. Replies
    1. I don't really know her in person as that was the only time i saw her.
      She's really friendly and sweet tho (:

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