Monday, August 13, 2012


 Happy 20th Birthday to me!!!
Time Flies....& i'm no longer in my teen years already ):
Life had been blissful for the past 20 years of my life (:
i've made mistakes, fell, hurt & grown a lot from all the obstacles that i've manage to overcome.
i've also learn a lot, love, shared & experience lots of joy & happiness with my friends & family.
Life wouldn't be this interesting without them 
Gonna blog more about my birthday soon!!

Time to advertise for.....
*drum roll*



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Not long ago,
i went for a photoshoot as a student model for NYP with a few of my friends.
Here are some of the photos that are posted on the NYP official website now :DD

 we took quite a lot of photos & only 2 were chosen as the banners on  the web page..
it was sweaty & fun tho..
time for bed now (:
till the next post,

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