Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Before I left for Sydney....

It's have been long since i last blogged because my hard drive had broke down a few days ago...
causing me to lose all my photos that i've been trying to recover since then..
here's the post i wanted to blogged about right after im back but i was too lazy to blog such a long post then..
so here it is now!!
Enjoy :DD

Before i left Singapore for Sydney for 3 months of internship, 
i met all my loved ones(:
here are the photos taken & kept me accompanied when i missed them there (:

The first outing was with my BFFs 
We met at CCK Lot 1 to catch up time with each other (:
 Fangyu aka Felicia
Her actual name is Fangyu & i "accidentally" gave her an English name on one fine day!!
it was just merely a slip of my mouth & i called her Felicia instead of Fangyu...
thus, from then on.. she called herself Felicia.
People in NP still call her by that name!!
I feel soooooo honoured *thick skin only* 

Anyway, we took this photo together because we just cut our hair(:
yup... that was my last hair cut before i left for Sydney.

 Our Frolicks 
have i mention how yummy it is?!!
 A group photo of my BFFs 

Many camwhore photos after that....

 I've haven't met her until recently when she just came back from Beijing after her internship!!
Our attachment dates clashes one after another so we can only meet after that...
missed her sooooo much then!!

The second outing was with babyBOY & his friends to celebrate 

Ahmad's birthday (:

 First & foremost, 
♥ my camwhore photos 
 im starting to fall in love with lipsticks & bright colours (:

my babyBOY's "passport photo" 

 In the train on our way to rest of the guys~


After the mini celebration, we went for Shisha session together.
this playful boys took my phone to camwhore..LOL.

After that, Meilin & Nowell brought me to REBEL to club.
it's my virgin night!!!!
I've never been to a club before & trust me. it's totally worth it to go before you're gonna leave your country fot the next 3 months!!! :DD

i've learnt that the "blue bridge" is the re-known bridge for clubbers to drink before entering the club!!
We bought liquor to drink first & as always, the first one to get high first is Meilin!!! 
 See this meilin going HIGH~~~

 miss those days when we're having fun together^^

 my eyes are sooooo red.
coloured contacts with bloodshot eyes are soooooo ugly!!

After the photo above, we went in & i was too blur to take more photos anymore..
virgin night was blast thanks to Nowell  & Meilin 

A last photo together with the girls 

Shortly after i left for Sydney, babyBOY moved out of his house...
so before i left, i took a few last photo at his place (:
i miss babyDUSKY & all the good old memories there...

In preparation of the trip, i bought these ear studs to wear when i was there (:
too bad, i cant find Twitter :/
 the last magazine i bought!!

The third outing was with mommyCHEONG, gammy, grandad 

 mommy treat me with my favourite DIM SUMs before i leave...
suddenly, i miss Singapore sooooo much because of all these loves
 Dessert time!!!
treated mommy & BF desserts 
yummy dessert @ NEX
it's the restaurant beside MOF.
 trust me, Swensens have wayyyyy better HOT PLATE desserts than this!!

& babyBOY also bought me all my favourite TAIWAN snacks 
after that...
i wonder how much weight have i put on before leaving...
mommy must have tried to stuff me with more food before leaving, 
worrying that i will lose too much weight there before im back!! 

after going out with mommy...
i went out with daddyKOH & family a few days later (:

daddyKOH's family day 

i wore long sleeve out that day... 
kinda wonder how can i resist the heat that time :/
the 2 things we all have in common is the chubby cheeks & the puffy eyes

In coincidence, 
dad brought us to have Dim Sum as well!!!
although they're both separated for almost 8 years, 
they still share similar instincts & know that they're beloved daughter (me) lovessss dim sum :DD
how cute!!

i miss my BANGS~

lil' SIN HUI is sooooo adorable!!
whenever i miss her, i'll skype with her just to see her kiss the webcam as 
she believes that i'll receive the kiss better!!
the best part is when she leaves her kiss mark on the webcam & make everyone's face blur & watery due to her kiss!!!
Thank you daddy for spending sooo much time working sooo hard just to earn enough 
for the 3 daughters to have a better life & sustain this family (':
Sometimes, life have been sooo busy around me that 
i forget that you've aged so much...
I haven't really thank you for sacrificing so much for the family.
The youth, time & many wounds and cuts on your arms due to your work in the kitchen 
has always been the income to this house.
Without you, life could have been worst.
Thank you soooooooooo much (':
i love you daddy 


After that, i treat daddy to COLDSTONE CREAMERY 

i still remember how excited lil' SIN HUI  was when the staff toss a scoop of ice-cream in the air 
& it landed safely in a cup on the other side of the restaurant!!
Althought she have been a lil' nasty from time to time, 
she is still a great step-mom (:
If it's not for her, 
i might not even have the chance to go Sydney with enough money to spend.
It is normal for all mothers to love their children first before others.
Thus, i will not blame her for the bias-ness.
Instead, i wanna thank you for saving sooo much money for me to go for this internship.
Thank you. (':

ok,, lastly to my beloved sister.
well, we're lucky that we're not separated due to the divorce.
Life will be much more mundane if you're not around for me to annoy & nag to.
We quarrel, argue & hate each other a lot most of the time..
however, deep in our heart.. 
we both know that we still care & love each other a lot (:
That's what sisters are for.
To annoy each other without grudges!!
Love you always~

Next gathering is my mini family gathering!!!

meeting my son, VINO  :DD

i took his nerd glasses to Sydney!! XD
& it's mine now!!!!

here's my son!!! 
he hates me calling him that.

i really miss my bangs ):
it makes me loook sooo much younger...
BANGS does make one look younger!!!

Went out with NYP clique for last dinner before flight cum 

KAH WAO's Birthday celebration!!!

Dinner @MARCHE

Birthday Boy with his plate of food!!!
now he is enjoying himself in TAIWAN....

19th Birthday Drink!!!

babyBOY bought me my favourite treat...
before i flew (':

met up with mommy again to buy all the rest of the stuff i need in Sydney 
& have dinner @MOF.

mommy was sooo worried that i'll drown in the floods in Sydney..
but guess what, when Clara & i reach there..
it was soooo dry & cold
the best part is, it haven't been raining much since we reach there until about 2 weeks later!!!
Rest assure, 
the rain is not as heavy as the ones we have in Singapore!!
my aunt borrowed me her luggage & lots of winter wear for me to wear during the trip!!
they're all just what i needed there!!   
Mommy bought a lot of knit wears for me too...
Gloves, Cute Towel socks & many other basic necessities..
Thank you a lot for being there for me when i need you.
It has been a lot more easier to pack & prepare 
the things to bring to Sydney with you around (:
You know what i need & always try 
your very best to get it for me in your own means.
Life may not be easy for you
& i always believe in what you say...
*time will prove everything*
i love you always mommy 

this is a super looooooooooooooong post for all the gratitude i wanna give.
ok,, that's all the photos i have before flying off to Sydney.
Sydney have been a blast to me & i wanna go there again soon!!
gonna blog about the recent event i went to at Zouk soon!!
stay tune!!

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