Wednesday, March 27, 2013

7-Eleven: Hello Kitty x Tokidoki ♥

About a week ago, 
I was instagram-ing a lot of Hello Kitty #OOTD and event photos up on my Instagram.
Well... if you haven't follow my Instagram, please do!!!
Instagram is one the social media that i use most often!
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I was not allowed to reveal anymore information about this event ever since...
Until now....
Featuring the First-ever Limited Edition Hello Kitty x Tokidoki Figurines!
Now Available at all 7-Eleven stores in Singapore! (:

Here's my Hello Kitty #OOTD!

Still remember her?
She's Angela, one of the runner up for the 7-Eleven Bloggers Contest last year! (:
It's been quite a while since i last saw her
& i'm sooo glad to see familiar faces on bloggers event like this^^

Us in our kitty #OOTDs with Hello Kitty 

We had a tour around the 7-Eleven store.
Did you know that 7-Eleven do sell a lot of Hello Kitty items in the store?
Here are some i found!^^

Kitty in Moustache!
Recently, i found Kitty in Geek Glasses at Watsons stores too!

The bloggers at the event had our dinner there!
Here's what i ate! 

Featuring a newly launch Signature Selection!
Beef Rendang! 
Signature Selection offers a variety of Western and Asian meals that are microwavable and 
can be served within minutes!^^
Do try this new flavour out!

Another item i chose from the Quick Bites section!
Both Quick Bites and Signature Selection are ready-to-eat packed meals.
Perfect for a busy and fast paced city like ours!

I must say this Cheesy pizza is really cheeeeeesy and yummy!
I love cheese and i think this is realllly good! Yums!

Some of the bloggers for the event!^^
Having our meal and chatting away happily

After a scrumptious dinner... 
Time for camho session!
I love this event a lot!!!
All the bloggers are Hello Kitty and Tokidoki fans and
i love the way we dressed up for this event!^^






Justine on the left and Xueling on the right!

I'm sooo glad that 7-Eleven and Nuffnang heard me from my last blog entry for 7-Eleven!^^
A few of the famous bloggers came down for the media launch too!

I became a total fan girl in the next few photos so yeah...
Here's the famous blogger QiuQiu!^^
She is getting a prettier nose soon!
Wishing you a fast recovery from my blog!

The super gorgeous Sophie
She is soooo pretty and fair!!!
Ok, my fangirl mode is acting up just by blogging..

Bubbly Yina on the left and Sweet Esther on the right (:

I was on 100% fangirl mode by then... so that explains the photos below^^

Time for "Best Dressed" and "Best Collectible" prize presentation!



Here's our prize!
Limited Edition SOL REPUBLIC tokidoki headset worth $279!

Here's the winners!

Happy_girl92 with her Kitty Outfit and her Prize!^^

A group photo of the Hello Kitty x Tokidoki dressed bloggers!

& a final group photo of all the bloggers attended this event!

Wonder what is this BIG BLACK BOX that we're holding??
Read on and find out!

Here's whats inside the BIG BLACK BOX!

10 Limited Edition Hello Kitty Tokidoki Figurine designs to be collected!

Specially designed by renowned Italian artist Simone Legno!

Simone Legno is a famous artist behind the tokidoki culture!
These 10 designs are only available exclusively at 7-Eleven stores!

You'll probably seen this box of 10 collectibles at various 7-Eleven stores by now...
so let me just give me more details on how to collect 'em all!

This special promotion runs from 27 March (which is today) till 4 June 2013.

Q. How do i go about collecting these figurines?

All you have to do is to follow the steps below. (:

1. Simply spend $4* at any 7-Eleven stores to get a stamp!
2. Collect 18 stamps to redeem for 1 FREE FIGURINE 
6 stamps and top up $3.90 to get 1 FIGURINE

Here comes the fun part!
These figurines comes in a mystery box so you won't know which figurine you got!
So you can always start trading your figurines with others to collect all 10 limited edition designs!

There's additional promotions that comes with it!
- Present the original Hello Kitty Tokidoki box to enjoy 10%* off standard tickets 
at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town (Puteri Harbour, Malaysia)

- Win 2D/1N at Tune Hotel (Danga Bay) and standard tickets to 
Sanrio Hello Kitty Town (Puteri Harbour, Malaysia) for 4 Persons with 
a minimun spending of $5* (There are 12 prizes to be won!)

I'm gonna show you what i've got inside the BIG BLACK BOX!^^

Featuring the 10 Limited Edition Figurines!
Ciao Kitty!

Cupid Kitty!

Sunshine Kitty!

Unicorn Kitty!

Cactus Kitty!

Mini Cactus Kitty!

Scooter Ride Kitty!

Rocket Kitty!

Apple Kitty!

Cow Kitty!
I don't really have a favourite because i love all of them!!!
They are all soooooo cute and adorable!
Definitely a must BUY must KEEP!

Here's our photographer of the day, Kelvin!
Thanks for all the amazing photos taken!^^
A final photo of us with our busy photographer of the day!

Start purchasing and collect your own 10 figurines now!


  1. hw did u guys get the VIP set?

    1. The VIP set is given to the guests who are invited for the media launch (:

  2. can I check with you if you got extra for the scooter ride kitty? Cos I been trying but always cant get it..Can I buy it from you if you got extra?

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