Friday, April 19, 2013

TwentyFourSeven ♥

I know.. it's like WOW i finally blog AGAIN!
I miss blogging too!
Is just that recently i was just really busy and occupied with my new job, running man (It's sooo funny and addictive!) and other events coming up around me..
However, i never neglected any of my social medias!
I still Instagram daily so do follow me there to get more latest updates about me!^^

A few days back, i instagram-ed a few photos of the sneak peak advertorial i'm gonna blog soon!
So... here it is! (:

TwentyfourSeven aka TfS is a newly build up insta-cum-facebook shop that sells pre-loved items (:
Recently, they have launched their debut collection of brand new and lovely shorts!
I was sponsored with 2 of them and i'm totally in love with them now! 

#OOTD: Floral Rush 
Top: Scallop Crop Top in Coral - TEMT, Sydney
Bottom: Floral Highwaist Short in Red - TfS
Coral Sunshades - Cotton On, Sydney
Flip Flops - Cotton On, Singapore

Featuring the 1st floral highwaist pants in Red and White flowers

I like how i can simply pair it off with a simple top and my comfy flip flops!
Wore this outfit to meet my friends for a swim last weekend! (:
It's really a wonderful outfit to be in especially the humid weather in Singapore!

I was soooo in love with this whole red, hot pinkish outfit that i took a few 
more camho shots at home after that!
I feel pretty in pink!

#OOTD: Surfer's Blue 
Top: Casual Dyed Crop Top - TEMT, Sydney
Bottom: Floral Highwaist Short in Blue - TfS
Luminous Bangles - Diva, Singapore
Shades - Floating Market, Bangkok
Flip Flops - Cotton On, Singapore

Wore the 2nd outfit out to school the other day for a dance practice!

Featuring the 2nd short sponsored!
Love the patterned floral details!

Here are some more info about the shorts!
and are able to fit UK4 to UK8 (:
Highly stretchable and comes in 3 colours!

Here comes the reader's perks!

YES! That's right!
Here's where all the items for sales are in details (:


Here's where they post more details on the upcoming collection's updates and sneak peaks!

Here's a few more updates from TfS!
They will be setting up their booth at an upcoming flea @ *Scape's basketball court!
Do go down and support them!

 Look out for sculptured balloons and anticipate 
for instock clothings and manicures!

For more details, visit and follow them on Instagram!


P.S: Do look out for my next advert entry for them as i am going to held a giveaway! 



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