Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy 19th Birthday Sabrina♥

Celebrated my friend's birthday early this September so once again...
we had loads of fun & great food the whole day!!!

Bought her the famous Twelve Cupcakes
They are really famous for their cupcakes!!
They have the everyday must-haves cupcakes as well as daily specials with different flavours on different days!!
I love their RED VELVETS BEST!!^^
 *will talk more about the cupcakes later in the post!!*

we went to The Soup Spoon for Lunch!!
We tried a few types of soup, 
the thick soup base as well as the light soup base.
Here's the first one we tried,
Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff
This is for mushroom lovers!!
The soup is really thick, creamy with lots of 
big chunky mushrooms in it & small mince ones to nibble on!!

 Here's the second soup we tried,
Tokyo Chicken Stew
This soup is simple & authentic.
It is really light & yummy^^
Suitable for people who doesn't really like thick base kind of soup(:
 The third soup that we tried was,
Meatless Minestrone
This is really appetising because the main ingredient was tomatoes.
I really love it a lot because it makes the whole meal super yummy & healthy!!

 This was the meal i had in a whole!!
Super healthy right?!!^^
That's Caesar Salad at the side with an Apple as my dessert 

 Yummy Caesar Salad!!

 Here are some of the other sides my friends ordered (:
They're all sandwiches.
Don't remember what kind of sandwich tho...

But in all, 
the meal was quite filling so i would suggest to keep the meal simple & light.
p.s.: I didn't finish my meal at all!!
Totally underestimate the amount they gave!!
I didn't dip the bread given with the soup!!

Here's the pretty birthday girl!!!
Love her #ootd !!
That furry sleeves are really cute^^

 The girls 

Back to the cupcakes!!
Here's what we bought for her (:
As i was the one who ordered the cake,
i chose 3 Red Velvets (so no one need to fight for them), 
1 Salted Caramel, 1 Earl Grey & 1 Chocolate Chocolate 

& here's her birthday present!!!
A new school bag for a new semester!!!
 After lunch, we went off to Bugis Street to shop awhile...
Here's my #ootd
All-time-favourite dream-catcher earring,
White floral bralet from TEMT & 
Fishtail skirt from a shop in MANLY BEACH.

Sabrina had to leave early, so we took a few group shoots before she leave (:

Birthday Girl

With Mun ee

& Ee siew

If you realize, we all wore dresses out that day^^
& also, we wore the same black colour contact lens as well!!
 Here are the things i bought from Bugis Street that day,
bought mainly all the necesssities.
Best buy of the day is this Black Basic Belt. (:
It's simple, black & most importantly,
ok, that's all from me now.
I was super upset just now because my house's wifi is being a jerk &
loading photos up to blog had been soooo hard for me the entire day!!

till the next post,
Stay Beautiful & SMILE!! (:


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