Monday, March 26, 2012

Bargain City *ka-ching*

weekends is finally here again!!!^^
finally we had photos on the saturday!! :DD
went out to Market City & Paddy's Market to shop!!!

here's a photo of Clara & i to start off this happy post!!

Outfits of the day  

The weather is just right..not too sunny & windy (:
 see what's that on the sky?!!
this is what i saw... 
but couldn't figure out what it meant tho :/

Nevertheless... its still cool~

love my Facebook ear-stud  
 Clara's feathery earring
it's her favourite!!

Feature the self-taken passport photos!!

i have F.A.T cheeks & 
im lovin' it  

 Shoes for the day!!  
Clara's sister is sooo sweet^^
she bought Clara super kawaii socks from Korea & sent it over to Australia to here!!
isn't she just sweeeeet?? *awww~*

See that tiny little building in this photo which states "UNSW"??
yup!! that's how far i have to walk to reach my attachment lab 
 Finally we reach our destination!!
Railway Square
 George St.
 Busy streets...

 totally in LOVE with my new top & 
studded denim shorts i bought at Westfield Eastgarden!!

 posing a last photo before crossing the traffic light :P
 Market City.
the BIG brown building
 Paddy's Market.
the little free place beside the Market City (:
looks a lil' like Bugis Street.

 Antique watched & necklaces.

p.s: Shopping details will be disclosed later with Instagram photos.

Headed down for Lunch/Dinner at Nando's Peri-Peri

 The view from the restaurant.

 They sell VANILLA COKE here!!!!
 bought 3 HUGE bottles of vanilla coke from Coles for $7!!
we're gonna be soooo addicted till we're back in SG.
 our new shades!!
love my rainbow colored shades       

Tenderloins, 1/4 chicken, Peri-peri fries, 
ribs and spicy rice served for 2.

 on our way back.. 
we took a photo of this beautiful Cathedral (:

cam-whore photos!!! 

 our newly bought Revlon lipstick
 Clara in her red lipstick  
the "ANNA SUI" look
 & me in baby PINK lips  
the "BARBIE DOLL" look
stay tune to the next post very soon  


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