Wednesday, October 8, 2014

#TINboost - Trick Eye Museum || A museum like no other

As I was away last month for a school exchange to Newcastle,
I wasn't able to make it to the last #TINboost event on a yatch with my lovely bloggers )):
Well.. Now I'm finally back & here's my monthly doze of #TINboost.

To start things off, let me tell you more about #TINboost.
#TINboost is a monthly blogger-get-together event planned & hosted by 
The Influencer Network to bring bloggers together for a fun evening of mingling & bonding session.
The best part is that everyone who's invited can bring a friend along!
The more the merrier right?!^^

So this month, we paid Trick Eye Museum Sg a visit!
Trick Eye Museum
Resorts World Sentosa 
26 sentosa gateway #01-43/44 
Singapore 098138

Opening hours: 10am - 9pm

Trick Eye Museum is finally here in Singapore. Get ready to let your imagination march into a miraculous dimension of original 3D artworks.

Trick Eye is short for ‘Trick of the eye’, which refers to an art technique that turns two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional images through the use of optical illusions. With that, 2D paintings on the museum walls, floors and ceilings appear to pop out of the surface and come to life. Visitors are more than welcome to explore the various themed galleries with their eyes, hands and even cameras. Step inside the paintings to complete a visual narrative with your creative poses, and watch a “tricky” story unfold before your camera. At Trick Eye Museum, you’ll be creating unforgettable memories with friends and family amid fun and laughter, with a dash of educational and cultural enrichment.

Invited my dancing diva, Hana to this event with me!
Met tall & pretty Jov & her BF (not in the picture below) in the museum too 
so we went around taking goofy photos together!
Read on and see how we get creative with our poses in the world of 3D art pieces!

Go on an imaginative and artistic exploration in the 6 family-based zones which consist of...
1. World of Masterpieces
2.  Safari Kingdom
3. Star of Circus
4. Dreams of Fairy Tale
5. Love in Winter 
6. Adventure Discovery

Enough said... I shall let the pictures do the talking!

1. World of Masterpieces
Be part of renowned Western masterpieces from French impressionist Georges Seurat’s “A Sunday afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” to contemporary Scottish artist Jack Vettriano’s “The Singing Butler”. Touch these amazing creations, strike a pose, “interact” with the characters and become the subject of the paintings.

Love this illusion box!
I like how I went " this is how they make the illusion so real!"

2.  Safari Kingdom
Nowhere is safe in this virtual safari! Escape from a monstrous fish and hide from a giant venomous snake. Be as adventurous as you wish and be creative with your poses.

3. Star of Circus
Here’s your chance to be a star… of the circus! Flaunt your balancing skills on Jumbo the elephant’s trunk or fly out of the human cannonball in a puff of smoke! This is your stage and you are the shining star.

Our version of exorcism...
A happier and dreamier version that is! 

4. Dreams of Fairy Tale
Fairy tales are not only meant for children. Come meet familiar characters such as the Three Musketeers and Puss in Boots. Enter the fairy tale world and unleash the child in you. 
I'll always choose a werewolf over a vampire.
*squeeellll for Taylor Lautner*

I can be Princess KOH here....

& little mermaid there!

I found this half-bodied man with a bouquet of roses while walking to the next zone and so I went over & took a #celfié with using Jov's phone.

Lost my #celfié photo so I'm gonna post Hana with her "lover"

5. Love in Winter 
Winter is finally here in Singapore! Ride on a witch’s broomstick and travel to winter wonderland. Don’t be afraid to step into the frozen world as your friend the mammoth is here to help. This chilly experience will make you forget the heat and humidity while you create unforgettable memories.

Who says we can't all be in a 3D art together?!
Group photo looks as awesome right???
*say yes*

That's us in a snowglobe 

Just so you know, 
both Hana & I went to Alnwick Castle in UK for our Hogwards Quidditch Broomstick flying lessons when we were still there!
Now we can put our flying skills into good use! *wink!*

P.s.: Pictures from EU/UK trip will be up on my blog soon! 

6. Adventure Discovery
Experience zero gravity right here on Earth! Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures as evidence of your out-of-this-world experience.

Remember what I mention earlier in the post like how I enjoy going 
" this is how they make the illusion so real!?"
You really have to pay this museum a visit to embrace and understand how I feel!
This is my 2nd time visiting this museum & I'm still having a lot fun squeezing my brain juice for more creative poses with my friends!

Met more familiar faces after being exhausted by posing so much...
Don't laugh at me!
Photo-taking and posing can be a lot of hardwork ok?!

Tse Lyn



What's bonding session without WEFIE right?!

Thank you Trick Eye Musuem & TIN for having my friend & I.
I had loads of fun & will definitely not get bored of you!

Have you visited Trick Eye Museum Sg yet?!
If not...
Go buy your tickets & get pose-y!


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