Monday, December 2, 2013

OMY - McDonald's Kampung Burger!

[ Sponsored Event ]

 Everyone definitely had McDonald's before and yours truly here is really honored 
to be invited to try out McDonald's latest relaunch KAMPUNG BURGER

p.s.: Thank you OMY & McDonalds for having me!

Q. Why do I say it's a relaunch you may ask?
Well.. That's because the Kampung Burger had its first launch almost 20 year ago! 
Since then, no one have ever tasted this burger until now!
The long awaited return of the Kampung Burger is over!
Because the theme was "Back to Kampung", I was invited with a basket of old school toys 
like five stones, spin the top, chapteh and many more!

Also, each of the invited bloggers were given Hamburglar, one of the plushy from the 
McDonaldLand Characters! All my friends were raving about it and I got it for free 
without the hassle of queuing! *evil smile*

Featuring Hamburglar and Tropical Tango McFizz with some of my favourite sauces from McDonalds!
The refreshing Tropical Tango McFizz is a bubbly mango mix! 
I personally think that it's a tad too sweet for me however, someone with a sweet tooth 
will definitely love this drink!

Return of the Kampung Burger
 Almost 20 years after its first launch, the Kampung Burger is back - with a twist! 

A tasty crispy chicken burger with a yummy pineapple ring and tangy salsa sauce. 
This is the first time I see McDonald's burger looking soooooo perfect, like the one on the poster!
Also, I was served with a pretty banana leaf plate instead of the usual brown tray!
So now you know, it's the burger wrapper that makes our burger look soo different from the poster!

Haha! ok, that's really random..Ehem!
*Back to topic*

Enjoy this delectable blast from the past with the new Kampung BBQ Drumlets! 
 Tender and moist chicken drumlets marinated with traditional spices such as paprika, garlic and onions! 
Taste super delicious! 
Definitely something I will go back to McDonalds to have again! 
Available in 2-piece and 10-piece packs! (:

 Wonder what the boys are doing?
We had a little interactive game session where the boys were the finalist to win a full set of McDonalds Plushies by playing an old school but never grow old game...

Here's the full set of plushies!

 I love my cute little hamburglar!
 Start collecting your cute little plushies soon!

  The Kampung Burger Special Set which consists of the Kampung Burger, Tropical Tango McFizz and large French Fries is available from $7.40
The 2-piece and 10-piece BBQ Drumlets are available for $2 and $9.50 respectively. 
These items are available whilst stocks last.

Finally ending this event off with my favourite McD's McFlurry 
 and a group photo with the rest of the bloggers!

Here's my #Outfit Of Tricia toDay

White Off-Shoulder Top - Nasty Gal
Blue Denim Shorts - S*cape Bazaar
Belt & Shoes - Bugis Street
Necklace - Bangkok, Platinum Mall

The Kampung Special is going to be launched on the 
5th December 2013!

Happy Feasting!

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