Monday, October 13, 2014

A Noodle Story || 超好面

This post goes out to all foodporn go-ers & people who are working in town...
Hence...Calling out to all the OLs!!!
Are you always on the look out for yummy good food in CBD area without burning a hole in your pocket?!

A Noodle Story || 超好面
Our very own true local-style Singapore ramen which is the only place 
where you can get gourmet quality noodles at hawker prices.

Tanjong Pagar
7 Maxwell Road
Amoy Street Food Centre, Stall #01-39
Singapore 069111

Located in the buzzing CBD area of Tanjong Pagar is a famous huge hawker called 
Amoy Street Food Centre!
You will never miss it!
That is where you'll find Singapore's F
irst and Only Singapore-style Ramen!

Here comes the food!

When I first saw this I went like... "How can this bowl of ramen cost less than S$10?!"
Plus, it's very presentable with a lot of ingredients!
Really look like the ones you'll see in japanese cafes and restaurants where they'll prolly charge from  S$10 to S$20 for this bowl of noodles!
Then I look around to see what others have ordered & I realised this is served like this to everyone (not exclusively pretty and more ingredients just because I am a blogger doing food review for them!)

 A more closer photo of the ingredients!
This bowl of goodness contains Springy wanton noodles topped with Freshly sliced scallions, HK-styled wanton, Crispy Potato-wrapped Prawn, Succulently tender Cha-su & Oozy Hot spring egg!

It's definitely a bowl of fusion goodness filled with orgasmic ingredients 
that you'll always go back for more!
Guess what's the best part?!

My personal favourite is definitely the Crispy Potato-wrapped Prawn and Oozy Hot Spring Egg that melts in your mouth...Simply Orgasmic!

So if you have personal favourites like me, you can always order more of that particular side dish to satisfy your cravings!
An additional Hot Spring egg is only S$1!

Went to enjoy this bowl of goodness with my girlfriends, 
Jaclyn & Angeline 
Didn't take a proper photo at Amoy Street Food Centre itself because it was rather humid & hot.
That is prolly the only negative part about having good food in a hawker area.

Nevertheless, for CHEAP and GOOD FOOD...
I guess it's a pretty reasonable and definitely a must-to-try!
Also, for working OLs who wants to try, 
I would recommend to do a take-away so you can enjoy the goodness without having to join the crowds and sweat!
 Alright, that's all folks!
Go try'em now


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