Monday, March 10, 2014

#10 Salon De Choix: Back to BLACK!♥


Since the start for my monthly sessions at Salon De Choix,
I've tried curls and many creative colours...
So this time... I'm going to tone things down a little by going back to BLACK!
*what the title says...*
before I start the whole blabbering session on how I get back to darker tresses, 
let me show you some of my photos BEFORE the session.
My hair colour maintained pretty well except for the outgrowth of fugly roots.
My hair colour was also much lighter but the colour maintained.

Because I'm still deeply in love with my hot pink streaks, Chester decided to 
tone down the rest of my tresses 
leaving the hot pink streaks behind so it's more striking and contrasting (:

Here's one photo of me AFTER the latest session! 

Ok! Time to blabber!!!
First up, to tone the colour down...
Chester used a super dark brown and run it all over my hair.
For the exact colour, you can head down to the Salon to enquire or give them a call (:
After the colouring session, time for a wash and treatment!
I'll be having a treat! Featuring...
Kerastase Luxury Hair Rituals 
This time, I'll be using the same series of treatment from the previous sessions but for freshly coloured hair!

A water-based pixelist was sprayed and massage into my locks to maintain my new hair colour.

Time for a steam~

& unglam #selfie
Next, shine-enhancing hair mask and more massage!
Life's good like this~

After much wait and washing off the treatments... time to style!

Lady BOSS of Salon De Choix, Sharon, decided to style my hair!
I'm sooo honoured and can't wait for it!
Initially when I received this news, I thought it was fake and that the staffs were teasing me! :X

Before styling, here's how my tresses look with slight curls using iron tongs.


Here's the final product!
I love my newly styled hair  
Simple. Sleek. Elegant. 
I love how it shows off my pink streak and how it's not a complicated hair look!
I love simple and sleek looks!
This is just purrrrrrrfect! 

Can you see the satisfaction in my smile?!
I'm sooooo happy and grateful!^^

One more detailed and backview of my hair!

Thank you Chester, Sharon and many other staffs in Salon De Choix for styling my hair!
Can't be more grateful than ever!!!
I'm definitely visiting Salon De Choix again real soon to style my hair for an upcoming dinner!
Till then, if you're interested to have your mane styled at Salon De Choix for an upcoming prom night, gala dinner, formal party/occasion/event...etc.

Tel: +65 6836 2959
Opening hours: 1030am - 0830pm daily!

3 Killiney Road #01-06
Winsland House 1 S(239519) 
Just take MRT to Somerset Station and walk towards KPO cafe.
Remember to quote my name to get 15% off!

**worried about the hair styles? Fret not! 
Simply go to Salon De Choix and get yourself a FREE CONSULTATION!
YES! No hard selling I promise!
This consultation can not only help you to understand how much your ideal hair look will cost, it also help the hairstylist consulting you to better gauge the price! 

More photos later that day...

Here are some photos from my Instagram after the day!
I've receive lots of compliments on my new darker tresses already!^^

Follow my Instagram for more daily updates!

Till the next blog entry,


  1. Omgg!! I love your new hair! I've always wanted streaks but these red streaks look amazing on you and i really love how they did the little half updo on your hair! I really want to try out this salon because your hair always looks so good after you go to the salon but i live in a different country to you sadly :'(


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