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TwentyFourSeven: SKIN FOOD masks X Grab bags

One of the main beauty regime everyone should definitely have is MASKS!
There's a lot of skincare and cosmetic brands out there to choose from and today, 
I'm gonna share with y'all a re-known brand
Skin Food is a South Korean skincare brand since 1957. It is the first food cosmetic brand developed in Korea, which emphasizes on the importance of "feeding" our skin with complete nutrition that will enhance skin's natural beauty while maintaining youth. 

TwentyFourSeven is a Instagram site that sells SKIN FOOD masks and Grab bags!
My sister and I were sponsored with a few masks and these are the masks 
that we personally chose.

Both of us have tried these masks for a week and here are our reviews...
First up, 
This Banana Yogurt Wash Off Mask is a moisturizing yogurt mask pack with banana extract. Banana 
contains essential vitamins and minerals that benefit the skin with moisturizing properties.
It also soothes sensitive skin and provides nutrition and luster, keeping skin moist. I would definitely recommend this mask to those with dry and acne prone skin.
The mask is really easy and smooth to apply on skin as seen on these photos. However, it's a little runny hence, I would advice to apply just a generous amount all over your face will do.
After washing it off, it leaves your skin velvety smooth and hydrated.


This facial mask contains mineral-rich Brazilian black sugar with strawberry seeds and strawberry seed oil. Strawberry is renowned for oily and troubled skin with enlarged pores. Suitable for all skin type. When applied smoothly on skin, it leaves skin fresh, clean and fragrant with a strawberry scent.

This was the mask my sister chose and from her verdict, she finds her skin smoother right after the first try! She also mention that it smells heavenly which I definitely agree on as well!

This mask contain a lot of small and big sugar bits and it's definitely the roughest among all 3 masks.
You can see the sugar bits from both photos here. 

Nourished with New Zealand's Manuka honey and Californian orange extract, this scrub mask pack aims to exfoliates rough dead skin cells and reveals smoother and firmer skin from within.
Manuka honey of New Zealand is renowned for its powerful anti-bacterial properties than other honey and oranges from Southern California contain high amount of sugar and vitamin C that keep skin supple and moisturized. With these two foods, this exfoliating mask pack has natural exfoliating AHA ingredients to effectively remove dead skin cells yet hydrates skin at the same time.
It smells really yummy and it comes in a sticky gel like texture.
Not really harsh but I would recommend to only use this twice to trice per week as the sugar bits may be a little harsh on the skin when use too frequently. 

I mention above that @Twentyfourseven__ also sells brand new and pre-loved items in Grab bags!
Initially, I was only told that I'm sponsored with masks however to my surprise, the parcels came in with these goodies which was a little gift from the ladyBOSS for X'mas & New Year! 

These items seen here are some of the features you can get when purchasing grab bags!
Grab bags are sold at standard prices of $15, $25 & $35!
More details of grab bags can be found in their Instagram page.
*Click on the link above.
All these items fit perfectly well and both my sister and I took lots of photos!
Scroll down and enjoy these photos SUH-LOWWWWWLY~ :D

Here's a treat for my readers!
Quote TRICIA KOH for 1 EXTRA ITEM in the Grab bag & 
FREE NORMAL POSTAGE for Skin Food Mask purchase!

Happy Shopping!

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