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#9 Salon De Choix: Low Lights! X Marché Dinner

Hello lovely readers!~
Before I start my blog entry, I would like to show y'all my hair colour 
from the previous trip to Salon De Choix!

This picture below is taken recently after that session.
& this instagram shot is taken yesterday before I go back to Salon De Choix!

See how the colour fade from blueish-purple to pinkish-purple with blue hue?!
I love how the colour fade soooo nicely with streaks of lighter blue at the ends!
 I did not use any coloured shampoo as I was told *naughty Tricia!*, so the colour 
did fade a little faster than usual.'s really pretty and my hair still stayed moisturise and healthy looking (:

As usual, if you want the colour to last longer, you definitely have to use colour shampoo!
This is also a note to self. :D 

Chinese New Year is around the corner! 
Even though I'm really busy with my preparation for my semester exams, 
I'd definitely squeeze some time out to prep my hair for this festive season!
Hence, I went down to Salon De Choix yesterday!

As this is for Chinese New Year, I chose RED as my base colour for my hair!
My trusty hairstylist, Chester then did a consultation with me and introducing me a new hair colour technique called LOW LIGHTS!

Q. What is Low Lights you may ask?
Lowlights is basically the opposite of Highlights!
Highlights are streaks of colour natural or current hair colour.
Lowlights are streaks of colour darker then natural or current hair colour!

Here's an examples of lowlight hairstyles found on google!

So Chester suggested to have the roots of my hair coloured reddish-brown with lowlights of 
very dark brown in the middle portion and ending my tresses with bright red. 
I also requested to re-dye and keep my pinkish-purple highlights from the previous session 
because I simply love it too much to let it go! Haha!

Let's go ANG ANG for Chinese New Year!
*ang = red in chinese (:

My pinkish-purple dye!~

Here's the base colour on the left and bright red on the right!

Flaps of marinated hair goodness!
Chester mentioned that this is a "big project" because I have lots of colours on my hair this time!
PLUS! This might be one of the first time he's playing with lowlights technique!
 TRENDING IN 2014!!!

 Snaps in the coloring process...

Do I look like Stanley Tucci, the MC from the Hunger Games saga?!
My purple marinated hair might look just like the one he had on the screens!
Look alike right?! Buahaha!

Next, I'll be doing a hair treatment!
 This is the Kerastase Luxury Hair Rituals.
 This time, I'll be using the same series of treatment from the previous session but for coloured hair!

The Kerastase Luxury Hair Rituals have a wide range of treatments for different types of hair (:

Steam steam~~

 Applying the intensive mask...

 After the wait and light wash...
It's time for a blow & style session!

It's amazing how Chester can consult me and visualise what he wants to do on my hair 
and do MAGIC *literally* to make it come true!
On a side note, I need to make this clear!
Same goes for similar questions!

Simply go to Salon De Choix and get yourself a FREE CONSULTATION!
YES! No hard selling I promise!
This consultation can not only help you to understand how much your ideal hair look will cost, it also help the hairstylist consulting you to better gauge the price! This is because some customers might have bleached their hair so badly that a heavy treatment is definitely to do before the ideal hair colour can be seen or maintain etc.
Prices definitely differ a lot if you have healthier streaks!

Anyways... BACK TO TOPIC!

Here's the FINAL RESULT!
*back view*

*side view* 

It looks brownish because of the yellowish lighting in the salon.
Read on to see a better photo of my hair below!

See that BRIGHT RED!

Once again...

Haven't get your mane done for Chinese New Year?
Tel: +65 6836 2959
Opening hours: 1030am - 0830pm daily!

3 Killiney Road #01-06
Winsland House 1 S(239519) 
Just take MRT to Somerset Station and walk towards KPO cafe.
Remember to quote my name to get 15% off!

As promised, here are the photos taken right after the session!
Can you see the lowlights?
Oh oh!! And check out my bright red ends!^^
Here's another photo featuring my favourite pinkish-purple highlights!
As you can see, my fringe is more reddish-brown than brown itself!
 Do you like my Chinese New Year's hair look? (:

 Do check out Salon De Choix Facebook for more updates!

Right after the session,
I went to Starbucks to get myself a cup of Green Tea Latte to accompany me while I study for my semester exams and waiting for BF and BF's mom to arrive for dinner (:

Initially, we wanted to have SHIOK MAKI at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar.
Despite it's a weekday, the queue was super loooooooong during dinner time! :O
So, we went to Marché for dinner instead.


We had a F.E.A.S.T for dinner!
 All time favourite rosti with sour cream & chunky mushroom soup!
 This is the first time I try the pork knuckle there!
It's DA BOMB! Yums!
It may look unappetising at one corner but it's really yummy!
Definitely something I would highly recommend if you're having Marché.

 This is also my first time trying their pizza!
This is the roast duck pizza. It's reasonable and delicious (:

Happy people feasting!

If you're interested...
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Wearing my favourite Revlon Lipstick in BabyPink

 & here's #triciaOOTD
featuring Paisley dress & Pink handbag from Kristine's Collection
 Sandals from Zalora Sg.
Do note that I've changed my #hashtag for my OOTDs to #triciaOOTD as of 2014! (:
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That's all folks!
Ti'll next time,

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