Wednesday, May 7, 2014


"GO BIG or GO HOME!!!" Yes! 
Stand a chance to win yourself a 60" LED HD TV & weekly prizes!
More details on this blog read on! :DD
Everyone's a winner! 
In anticipation of the world’s biggest match of the year, Domino’s Pizza introduced pizza with Napolitana sauce to celebrate the season of kicking flavors and excitement!

To give a little history about Domino's Pizza...
Domino’s Pizza, the recognized world leader in pizza delivery, is popular amongst both young and old when they think of pizza. With a long history dated far in 1960, the fast-food corporation has grown into a worldwide affair, hitting in 70 countries. 
Domino’s is also famous for their biggest promise to their customers having the Product Satisfaction Guarantee and 30 Minutes Delivery Guarantee, which has been a virtue they had kept to!

Also, if you're interested in my previous invitation to Domino's Pizza event...

Anyways... back to topic!
The event started with a little warm-up session to get to know the rest of the bloggers invited.
Next... a little briefing and introduction to Domino's Pizza new initiatives, 
which will be elaborated further later in this blog entry (:

Then the food came!!~ 

Domino’s offers an array of pizza toppings that even the fussiest of eaters will have a pick of their favourite Italian delight! Here are some that you can choose from!

- Portofino Prawn pizza
- Diavola Beef
- Parmagiana Chicken
- Napolitana Chicken
- Romano Margherita
My favourite snackers from Domino's! 
& lastly, Domino's new creation...
Napolitana Baked Meatballs
Napolitana sauce is prepared with love, fresh tomatoes, 
chopped onions, garlic and garden herbs. 
     With the goodness of melted Mozzarella cheese, this baked savory will get your taste-buds begging for more!
I am a die hard fan of cheese and these cheesy meatballs just made me crave for another the moment I finish one! :D
My #SELFIE with renfred on my Instagram!
Look at the busy bloggers munching away!

Time for more details on how to be the proud owner of this TV!

all YOU have to do is...
Participate & Play!
To participate in the Domino’s Kickoff Online Contest, log on to 
Next, Play the game!
(which is almost exactly like the famous 'flappy bird' game) collect more points and be the top scorer, simply 
Purchase pizza's online!
Share the contest!
Invite friends on Facebook to join!
The highest scorer throughout the contest periods between 28 April 2014 to 1 June 2014 will be the winner for the Grand Prize of the 60 inch TV! 
There are also weekly attractive prizes to be won! So do join in the fun! 
For more information, updates on the latest promos and offers
VISIT and LIKE Domino’s Facebook page!

Thank you The Influencer Network for having me for this yummy-licious event!
Here's one with Dennis, the CEO of TIN (:

TIN's Digital Artise, Renfred!

& many other bloggers too!^^ (Emily & Trista)
I love our candid photos taken by TIN!

Last but definitely not least...
The busy & super friendly William! (:
(whom is TIN's Digital Strategist)

Ending this blog entry with a group photo with all the people that made this event successful!
Definitely the feast party not to be miss!^^

Many thanks to the photos credited to The Influencer Network!
Alright, till the next entry...
Go be beautiful!

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