Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shopping Spree @ Celio*, Advertorial - Alescere, Rucacia and Part & Parcel.

It's been weeks since I last blogged and I can "see" dusty webs 
filling up the screen whenever I read my own blog... 
(Yes, I do self admire at times... well, most of the time.)

Anyways, with more motivation now and trying to strike a work-life balance 
(which is really hard to maintain at times when school assignments are piling up), 
I've decided to blog more often...again! (self-pinky-promise)

Needless to say, I have soo many overdue blog entries by now and 
I'm determine to post it all out so press on TRICIA KOH and stay readers!!!

Enough self-talk! 

If you have been following my Instagram, which is probably the only social network that I'll never fail to update on a daily basis and also the reason why you should definitely follow me here.

I can't believe I'm stuck with this boy sooo long!
Nah... I'm kidding! haha! 
I'm actually really blessed to have him and am really glad that we've been through 
3 short years together! More to come! 

Due to school, we'll be celebrating our anniversary together on the following month!
Can't wait to have a short break away from school work and just literally have fun!

Do y'all still remember a blog entry I did a few months back for Celio*?
If you don't, here's the link to the blog entry below!

Well, guess what?!
Yours truly was one of the 5 winners for that blog entry! *YAY!!!*
And since my winning entry model was my BF, he gets to enjoy and shop for FREE!!!
Take a look at us BEFORE and AFTER!
That was my puffy curry puff head boy before his NS and after finishing his BMT now.
My hair went from curly with reddish highlights to straight with turquoise streaks!

A candid photo of ma boy while he was trying out his clothes in the dressing room!

Here's my #Outfit of Tricia toDay
- Pink knitted turtleneck crop top from ASOS
- Highwaisted shorts from S*CAPE's bazaar
- Brown box bag and Aztec canvas shoes from Bangkok

A camwhore photo of us in the store!

See mah happy boy with his shopping bags!

Thank you Celio* and OMY once again for the shopping vouchers!
Darrence and I had a great time shopping and I got myself an oversized cardigan!

p.s.: My boyfriend insisted on sharing the cardigan with me because he say I deserve a little gift for myself too! *Awwww....*
Shopping has always been my stress reliever, which explains my recent shopping haul online from ASOS, ZALORA and NASTY GAL.
(will try to do a online shopping haul video soon when I have the time...)

Anyways, after hearing the good news from Grace, ladyBOSS of Alescere, 
I went to visit her and did a mini shopping spree there with my baby sister!^^

Check out her new store!
S*CAPE, #02-26.

Here's what I bought from her!
The self-manufactured Flutter Sleeves Chiffon top in white which I was madly in love with 
and the love at first sight to the ombre heels which doesn;t heard my feet! 
Such a pleasant surprise! 
p.s.: I wore it to some of my shoots too!^^
 More #Outfit of Tricia toDay

Grace saw my love for this piece in white soo much that she gave me the black piece too!
I've been into blogshop modelling for close to 2 years now and recently, I've stopped 
working as an exclusive model for Kristine's Collection. 
I've started working with other online blogshops like Rucacia and Part and Parcel. 

p.s.: The reason why I stopped being an exclusive model is just merely because I wanted to earn more money. I'm still Kristine's regular in house model so y'all will still see me on their site often!^^

Recently, I did a photoshoot with Rucacia's co-model, Michelle 
for an upcoming big collection. Do check Rucacia up soon!^^

Here's a little behind-the-scenes video taken by Michelle during the shoot (:

About a week ago, I also did my first photoshoot with Part and Parcel at Matt White studio!

Here are some of my favourites from the shoot!
p.s.: Do check Part and Parcel up as they launch their collections quite frequently.

This was my favouritest piece during the shoot 
It's thick and doesn't roll up like other tight fitting skirts I have and I love love love the material! 
It's really comfy, fully lined and cushioned!
Courtesy to Part and Parcel's owner, she saved one piece for me!
Can't wait to get my hand on this quilted leather skirt soon!^^ 

That's all for now and I'm heading back to my reports!
The next entry will be about my new hair colour which you might have already 
seen it on Instagram.... STAY TUNE!
Meanwhile, have a great mid-week!

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