Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Some of my treasures...

Like what the title says...
This entry is gonna be all about what i received or bought recently (:
There might be parts to this entry so here's the first part!!
Let's start off with gifts first!!

The first item im gonna show you guys is...
MY 20TH BIRTHDAY CARD from my Bueys~
Birthday cards are one of the many things i keep as treasures (:
I kept all my birthday cards i received ever since i was little...
& i still have them all (;
They might be inexpensive to start off with, however, 
they kept all the love and well-wishes your dear friends gave you^^

See what my retarded friends say about me!!

This is a inside joke...

My mini birthday present from Bueys!! (:
More post about this in this entry below >>

The third item is...
Pineapple cake from TAIWAN!!! :DD
Mega love TAIWAN's Pineapple cakes!!
They are the best!!!

This little turtle keychain is also from TAIWAN (:
Both gifts are from KAH WAO who went over to Taiwan for his attachment. souvenirs from BANGKOK.
Specially picked by EE SIEW
she gave me a cute pair of winnie e pooh socks and ear studs 

Lastly... also from BKK,
a makeup pouch specially from SABRINA

It's small.
It's very easy to bring around.
It has a mirror in it...
It's purrrrrrrrfect!!

Now.. to the things i just bought recently...

Contact lens!!!!
I didn't trust buying contact lenses online initially as i was worried about getting eye infections like what many articles are circulating around in the cyber world.
However.. recently, 
i decided to give them a try as i realise the colour lenses i bought from the retail stores haven't been the most comfortable lenses i've wore.
I've also gotten irritation in my eyes and worst, eye infections ):
So yea,
another reason to why i want to try out online lenses was because my friend introduced this site to me and they sell really affordable and cheap lenses imported from Korea.
It's like $10 per pair & a plus point to that is that.. you can choose the degrees you want!!
Unlike the retail stores, where you have to get the same degree for both eyes.

The only flaws to this online store is that..
the waiting time is about a month before your items arrive.
It's quite reasonable as the lenses are that cheap anyway..
So yea.. here's the lenses that i've worn for the pass few months (:
The black enlarging lenses. 

Looks like this from the bottom.

& pink enlarging lenses 
I've worn the black lenses for about 3months before discarding them (:
It's really comfortable!!
Similar feeling to wearing Acuvue moist daily!!
It's barely there!!! :DD
I'm currently wearing the pink lenses and waiting for my restocks to the black lenses!!
I can't live without contact lenses!!
They are part of my daily life!!
I hate wearing spectacles... >.<

The next new buy that i've recently bought is...

This is a new brand in Watsons!!
I've recently just seen it in a Watson store and i've decided to buy this eye shadows and give it a try^^
It relatively cheap and the price is comparable to Silky girl (:
The best part is.. 
the colours of this eye shadow mini palette is similar to those you'll see on Kate's.
This is wayyyyy cheaper that those of Kate's and there is more colours for you to choose from!!
So if you're still a newbie to makeup, i would suggest you to buy this brand's make up as it is relatively cheap and there's a lot of cosmetics to choose from!!

that's all from me today!! :DD
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Till the next post,
Be pretty and beautiful

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