Wednesday, October 31, 2012


*New blog entry below this advertorial*

Here's they're newest collection for the week!!

I'll blog they're weekly updates here!!

TRISSANDRA has successfully debut their first collection and here's what they've prepared for you for their 2nd collection, AWAKENING.
Paddlepop Chiffon Top 
A unique piece with the cut-open shoulders design!!
 one piece you MUST -HAVE!!

White Lace Dress 
I've seen this dress in other blogshops too!!
They are hot-sellers!!
So readers!!
Go & grab yours now before it's all gone! :DD

Aztec Casual Dress 
A dress where you can wear it to school and to town!!
It's said to be the model's choice apparel as well!! (;

The Ombre Top 
It has light ombre pink at the bottom and it's polo material!!
Meaning, the quality is definitely assured!! (:

I've decided to collaborate with TRISSANDRA to whip up an advertorial on a weekly basis for them as they are one of the blogshops in town that does weekly new arrivals without fail!!

Although from my personal view, each collection's designs are very little
TRISSANDRA actually told me that they promise to increase their designs per collection as they're customers grow^^

Here's another tip!!
They usually have a giveaway and sneak preview to the new collection on Friday or Saturday.
So... do look out for their latest collections weekly!!! :DD

Are you a blogger like me??
Love to share your opinions to your readers??
Love online shopping??
Join me & send your interest to

They are constantly on a lookout for bloggers to do reviews and advertorial for them!!^^

Till the next post (again),
be pretty and beautiful

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