Saturday, October 27, 2012

Staycation @ Momsy's Place♥

I haven't been a good girl this lately..
Totally miss blogging but school, work and many friends gathering had 
made me soooo busy these few days!!!

Now.. i'm adding another load to myself..
Which is...
to help Trissandra with photoshoot^^
I am Trissandra's camera woman!! 

They have already launched their first collection & here's the first collection blog advert i did for them!!
Take a look HERE!!

Do support them & be sure that they will be one blogshop you would want to go to regularly because they update they're collections on a weekly basis!! (;

Anyway... here's my main blog post for today!!

during school holidays!!!

Here are some of the photos taken during staycation with momsy!!^^

Camho pictures of sis-sy & me!!

Top from The Handle Bar
Blog Review HERE!!

Gonna blog more often!!
*self target*
One last thing to blog about!!
I've recently watched TAKEN 2.

This is a show that you must...MUST CATCH!!!
I've watched TAKEN before & honestly speaking..
TAKEN is wayyyy better than TAKEN 2.
Reason being... 
I like heroic father saving his daughter before she's gone.
Nevertheless, it's a good show (:

Just go watch TAKEN people!!! :DD

Alright... that's all from me for now (:
Till the next post...
Be pretty & beautiful KTHXBYE

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