Wednesday, June 15, 2011

mother's day celebration

SUPER BELATED POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mother's day was AWESOME :DD
momo,sis & i went to bugis street for some cheap goods treat^^
after buying our goods...we went to ILLUMA's toilet to try it on & camwhore :DD

best buy of the day!!!
$10 only!!! :DD

my face looks soo slim here ♥

momo's little treat at ILLUMA's coffee bean


it's mother's day gift time^^

my sis drew a card for momo & i made a box of photos w memos behind to reminisce our sweet moments together ((:



neoprint is really old school...i used to take it almost everyday after school with my friends!!!
we took only 1 time but we reprinted the neoprint so we have more to keep...

after that,we went to BILLY BOMBERS for some food..

our goods from bugis street^~^

while waiting for the food to be served...i very bo liao so i took random photos & camwhore~

the next day..we met popo & gong gong @NEX for xiao long bao ♥
this was also part of mother's day from momo to popo^^

we went for DESSERTS ♥

they look soo cute here :DD

after dessert..we went for more dessert w momo :PP

this is AI-YU is one of the sinful-less dessert because it carries practically 0 kcal!!!!!!

i realize ate A LOT after posting all these photos!!!
sinful much :/

random: i wanna try to play maple on a long run...hopefully i wont quit halfway thru
*cross my finger*

HAHAHAHAH...anyways,nights everyone!!!

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