Thursday, December 4, 2014

Suddenly Slender || The International Slimming Professionals

About a month ago...
I was invited to 
Suddenly Slender Media Launch of 
Ionithermie Body Contouring (IBC) Treatment in Singapore
Up to date... 
Suddenly Slender is the only exclusive distributor of IBC & the 

Suddenly Slender

IBC originated in Paris, France. Originally developed to treat arthritis, where many other benefits become quickly evident. These benefits include detoxifying the body, emulsifying cellulite and increasing metabolic rate. IBC is available in more than 40 countries such a USA, UK, Russia, Australia & Dubai.

IBC has gone through 7 years of clinical researches and trails. 96% showed positive results indicating 1-8 inches loss in the treated areas. IBC has become a favourite anti-cellulite treatment for millions of satisfied customers all over the world, including famous celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton. 

 A photo with the IBC poster and some pretty bloggers!

#celfié w super adorable Kaiting

#celfié w the gorgeous Sara

& last but definitely not the least...
 #celfié w my favourite mummy Angeline

Live Demo of IBC Treatment
Ionithermie is a combination of 5 treatments that are applied simultaneously.

 One of the treatment is the Thermal Aroma Mask and we all get a small of it to try (:

 It is a conductive healing clay which heats up and gives a relaxing feeling. Thermal mask accelerates blood circulation, improves lymphatic flow and relaxes the muscles. The content of clay also helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body. As it dries up, the mask cracks and drop off.

After watching the live demo...I'm excited to try out the IBC treatment!
It actually have a lot of benefits!

  • Clinically proven results: Smoother skin and Reduced measurement were seen!
  • Defines upper abdominal muscles and improves contour
  • Excellent for post natal re-establishment of muscle tone
  • Aids circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces water retention and appearance of cellulite
  • Detoxifies the body
More #celfié with my favourite girls ♥

 From left to right: HP, Angel, Dawn & Shawn

 One more with Dawn


We were served with yummy-licious dinner served by Holiday Inn (Orchard) Singapore.

One of the highlight that attracted me was the cleansing juices from LuckyYouCleanse (LYC)

Lucky You Juice Cleanse is an Singapore based, cold pressed juice & cleanse company. They were there to promote their healthy cold-presed juices that helps to break the unhealthy eating habits and move towards a healthier and vibrant lifestyle.

  My favourite is definitely the no1. Smoothie!
It's sooo smooth & slightly sweeter than the other 5 bottles in the cleansing cycle!
Also, I enjoy the fresh raw green taste that comes with it!
Yums the word

 One last photo of all the Suddenly Slender staffs that made the night successful!

Here's all the goodie bags I've got from the night!

 Lucky me got myself an extra gift from the Q&A session that evening!^^

So now I have 2 D'Lite Plum with many other wonderful goodies
Its been a wonderful night & I had a blast!
Thanks for having me Suddenly Slender & The Influencer Network!
Look forward to my upcoming appointment to try out the Ionithermic Body Contouring Treatment!

To find out more information, visit their website.
Call/Visit Suddenly Slender outlets to try out this new IBC Treatment!

Orchard Branch
Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre, 11 Cavenagh Road
#01-08/09, Singapore 229616
Tel: 6884 8111

Raffles Place Branch
Malacca Centre
20 Malacca Street, #12-00 Singapore 048979
Tel: 6345 8111

Yishun Branch
Blk 930 Yishun Central 1
Singapore 760930
Tel : 6481 3168

Till next time...

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