Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012....... 2013! ♥

This is gonna be a super loooong post
because it's gonna be a summation of what happened in 2012!
I remember me blogging a post in early 2012 talking about my new year resolutions then...
Here's the link below if you guys wanna check out what i've blogged then!

Apparently, i do believe in the Law of Attraction (:
Yes... it's what i've came to learnt about after reading a book called "The Secret".
It intrigued me & i've decided to give it a try and believe in the Law of Attraction.

To my surprise after summing up 2012, 
i do realize the change in me & how amazing this secret turn my life into!
I must say 2012 has been quite a wonderful year to me!
Most of the resolutions i made in early 2012 did came true! :DD

Now... i'm gonna share my amazing 2012 & my new resolutions for 2013!

Last year...
my 1st resolution was to 
& i did! (:

I did tone up my thighs with the help of some products out there!^^ 
Here's the post to it! >> CLICK HERE!

I also did get healthy by toning up the natural way!
Blog entry HERE!

I've learnt to cook when i was in Sydney!! :DD
Here's one healthy post about food >> CLICK!
That's not all to get healthy!
I believe that in order to get healthy, you have to eat healthy too!!
As for me, i don't eat lesser in any way to lose weight...
instead, i eat regularly and made this the motto of my life.

Some of the best food i ate in 2012!

The 2nd resolution was to have more
& i did!
I even spent my new year at gammy's house playing mahjong with my grandparents!!
It was fun & i gain lots of bonding time with mom, BF, sissy 
& of course! Grandparents (:

2012 was quite a challenging year for both of us as we got to spent 3months away from each other!
I was relieved and glad that we made it though then^^
Life has been wonderful with you (:
It's really 
Oh! Have i mention he's still an asshle nevertheless?
:X i think i did... heehee^^ 

4th comes my
Everyone will come to this point when school, work and everything else are sooo 
overwhelming that you neglected times with your friends. I did.
& hence, the reason why i made this resolution last year to make out more time for this bunch of people who made life more meaningful & fun!^^

My Swiss CBs 
The girls that bond & held each other since secondary school life...

 The girl that never fails to organize gatherings for our meet-up sessions (:

The group that loves to eat yet nags and whines about being FAT and SINFUL after that!

The bunch of crazy people that loves to stand one corner and stare into blank spaces...
The bunch of FAT ASSES...
The bunch of singers who love KBOX-ing...
The bunch of people that loves to crap and bully each other yet will never hold any grudges...

The annoying little girl that lived 3months of her life with me at Sydney :DD
More of her will come along in the post later^^

Sports Club People 
These bunch of people that never fails to make you laugh till you drop yet warms your heart with their tight hugs^^

My son...VINO 

My H.O.T babe... MingLi 

was my 5th resolution.
I did had some good results last year!
I get to spend my 3months of attachment at Sydney :DD

Next.. i successfully went through my FYP and got myself a decent result^^

6th resolution was to 
I love travelling!

& lucky for me, i get to spent 3months of my time in Sydney last year!
It was the longest and furthest trip i've ever taken :DD
I've seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge & Sydney famous Opera House!

Seen the clearest blue sea!

Get to meet my relative and spent some time together (:

Saw the weirdest door with the highest door knob that Clara cant reach!
I still remember me laughing out loud when Clara was reluctant to even try reaching it!

Did tracking by the beach & never sweat a bit! 
Love that feeling when you cant sweat at all!! :DD
Have i mentioned i hate sweating? haha!
Get blown away by cool chilling breeze and saw people surfing LIVE!
Always been a fan of surfers...especially the ones with HOT BODS 

Saw my twin!

I told you we look alike!

Had the awesom-est EASTER DAY ever!

Seen the best fireworks!
Have i mention i finally get to sit down on a proper chair, enjoy cool breeze and watch a whole 20min fireworks show with live music?!!
How cool is that!! :DD
& i'm glad that i get to spent all these moments with a good friend here...

Took many pretty pictures...
& had a collage of places we've been to!

Right after the Sydney trip,
loverboy brought me to Bintan for a surprise weekend getaway 

I get to go for Formula 1 for the first time :DD
& i spent it with loverboy 

& for our 2years anniversary...
we went to Universal Studio Singapore (USS)
p.s.: baby gets to buy his favourite TRANSFORMERS BOTTLE and sit his favourite 
TRANSFORMER RIDE that almost made me puke! HAHA!!

We also went ice-skating @ Jcube for the first time!
It's been too long since i last skate! 
I remember i was once a regular customer to this ring before Jurong Entertainment Centre was tore down!

I had resolutions about blogging more often & i came about joining blogging contests..
Lucky me... i came in first from the first contest i join!

Since then.. i had even more motivation to blog often^^

I was soooo happy when my viewers increased as i blog more frequently!
Viewership increased from less than 10 readers to now of at least 100 readers per day!
I also gained advertorials and made a little income from blogging too!!^^
On top of that,
i'm also a model for a well-known blogshop Kristine's Collection (:

I get to look pretty, dressed pretty and pose pretty!!^^

Here's a photo with my ladyBOSS who made my dreams of being a model come true!
Thank you!

I start to dress up more often and INSTAGRAM a lot!!!
Some of the photos are my daily photos with pretty outfits while others are advertorial photos picked out from some of the advertorials i did in 2012^^

One of the best moments of blogging is when you get compliments for all the hardwork you did^^
Love all the sweet people i met, the cards i receive and compliments i get online...

One of the best moments in 2012 is getting my new camera!
I named it SNOW WHITE 

 This year's resolution is gonna be pretty much the same as last year...
Here's some different and new ones i'm gonna list out!

1. To be part of Nuffnang and join in more events^^
2. To be an air stewardess and fly to more countries!
3. To gain sponsors!! 
I've always wanted to be pampered and look pretty and blog about them!
Currently into nails and hair sponsors!!! :DD
4. Gain more readers to my little blog 
Ok.. that's about it!
Once again...
i wanna point out that i'm really grateful for all the good things that happen to me in 2012.
May 2013 be an even better year!^^
Till the next post,

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