Monday, January 21, 2013

2 years anniversary: Hotel Re x Ice-skating ♥

Here comes part 2 of my anniversary with my boyfriend!^^
After the USS trip, both of us went home to pack and rest of the day.
We met again the next day to have a 2D1N staycation at Hotel Re! (:
We made it a MUST to stay in an interesting hotel annually on our anniversaries in Singapore.
If you have been following me on Twitter (well.. you should have), we stayed in StudioM on our 1st anniversary & the accommodation was fantastic!
This year, we decided to try out Hotel Re!.
One of the main reason why we chose this hotel is because ever since i read about it on 
SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE (few years back), i was dying to try it out! :DD
It's a modern retro themed boutique hotel where rooms are furnished with retro inspired furniture blending with modern technology!

Here's our room! 
Every now & then, Hotel Re! would have different promotions.
I booked a Deluxe room with a promotion. However, i don't remember which promotion exactly.
In all, it was a staycation promo where we get to relax and chill out, watch rented DVDs and eating throughout the night!(:

Here's our toilet with glittery mosaic-tiles!
It's super pretty & retro :DD

It's modern. It's RETRO!!! 

Here's some of the snacks we brought over before heading out for dinner and get more snacks again! :DD

Oh! Have i mention about the rental of DVDs FOR FREE?!!
You can rent retro movies to watch 24/7 & have a movie marathon with your loved one the whole night :DD
Not forgetting snacking away and eating on bed!!
Snuggling, munching & grow F.A.T together!

We head over to Jcube for dinner (:
Didn't ate much as i had wayyyy too much snacks earlier that day in the hotel...

& then we went for a skating session together for the first time!!!!

I used to skate in JEC (Jurong Entertainment Centre) last time before it's demolished and revamp into Jcube.
That was like when i was Sec 2?!
Yup... and ever since then, i stop skating till now :DD

Loverboy in his skates for the first time!

& me!
Totally miss the cool breeze while skating!!! :DD

Us on the ice-rink!
See my glove with a hole on the thumb?
That's the glove i used to wear when i was 14!!
I kept the glove in my cupboard till now :DD
Old school much!!

I still remember why i cut a hole for my thumb!
It was only so that i could sent text messages while skating :DD
We don't have touch screen kinda phone then...
It was all key pads!!!!
How silly & "smart"!!!

Forever charming & cute to me!!!

if you wanna know more about the price and entry fees to Jcube ice-rink,
take a look at the next photo! (:
& you're most welcome!^^

I'm gonna have a new vlog coming up soon! :DD
It's gonna be my first video and i'm doing it with a friends^^
Do anticipate it!!!
Also, i'm intending to set up a new youtube channel for myself because i have receive some request from my readers and friends to vlog and blog at the same time!
Why not right?!
Hence, do look out for my new channel soon! :DD


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