Friday, April 6, 2012

Instagram ♥

Instagram photos update again!!!
finally Android users are have Instagram app!!!
YAYYYY!!!~~~ :DD
today is a lazy~
finally get to spend a day off from the busy shopping sprees & work (of course)

gonna have a total of 4 days of Easter holidays before heading back to work!! (:
Clara is having a slight fever today...
so yea... that explains why i had a lazy day & cooked her mixed veg porridge for dinner
glad she is feeling better now (:

time for photo updates!!
let the pictures do the talk..
 mini-celebration with steak after receiving our results!!
YES... we pass every module ((:

 the reason why i took this photo you might ask??
well...that's because this is the FIRST time i finish my plate of food in SYDNEY!!
the steak is FANTASTIC & cheap!!! :DD

 look at that road ahead...
be glad that you don't have to walk up that 'Bukit Timah Hill' every single day just to reach home..
Clara & i are lucky that we live right below that road..
 a self-shot photo of Clara
 Healthy Lunch Box 

Mid-night Supper 
 Cam-whore during daily work breaks :D
 this is how they sell Havaianas slippers here!!!
 here's my new buys :DD
the summer clothes are ON SALE!!!

 i'm in love with denims, bustier, etc.. 
Basically..casual outfits (:
Miss the warm & fuzzy feeling i have in Sg...
Especially when you feel freezing cold in a mall & when you finally get to step out of the mall,
you'll feel like immediate "ahhhhh~" warm effect.

It's totally different in Sydney right now..
can't deny that i love the cool breeze down here,
but when you feel freezing cold in the mall & just wanna step out of it just a second to get some warm air..
you'll get the same cold breeze...
no warm fuzzy air... ):
but other than that, everything here is just amazing!!

Made mash potato with boiled broccoli & corn for dinner (:
love my new studded denim 

our LUNCH/DINNER in Market City after a long day shopping in Paddy's Market
it's like another Bugis Street 

ignore the mess on the bed...
we always clean up our mess after we're done cam-whoring with our new buys..

my buys from Paddy's Market (:
love the Revlon lipstick they sell there!!
it's cheaper than the ones in Sg!!!
Rouge in Love baby!!!

that's all for now (:

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