Tuesday, November 1, 2011

19th Birthday (beloved momo & BF's momo)

19th Birthday @Chicken Pot

BF's momo wanna celebrate my birthday by treating me over a dinner @NEX
she even bought me a Birthday present!!!! *so sweet*

my old wallet on the left, & e new wallet on the right

im really grateful for the new wallet as the last wallet i had was with me for about 3yrs already..
WOW..that's looooong!!~~
best part of all...the wallet is gonna explode soon >.<'''

that's BF's momo on the right^~^
she look exactly like Darrence!!! (print out one!!hahaha)

k...this is my BF busy eating & couldn't even be bother to smile for me -.-

19th Birthday w belovedMOMO @Chinatown

i sprained my ankle at a playground when i was 12 & it didn't heal properly till my birthday, momo brought me to Chinatown to find him for foot reflexology.
The pain is quite tolerable's still painful!!!

in the process of the treatment...


A swollen leg with bandage after the treatment...
lucky i still manage to fit my leg into my shoes.

The foot reflexology really does work!!! ^.^
my ankle is no longer hurting now (:

okay!! that's all folks.

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