Friday, March 11, 2011

Genting Highlands

1ST TRIP with my friends

YES. it's my first trip (not a school trip) overseas alone with my poly friends & baby((:
we went to genting highlands for a 3D2N vacation to have fun :DD


baby & i on the coach

sabrina & her BF

kah wao & mun ee

mun ee & darryl

i like baby's face when he is sleeping because he looks peaceful
& he is less noisy when he is asleep((:

look at sabrina!!!
she needs to sleep face to face with her teddy bear..LOL



chuan keng a.k.a OLD MAN & kelvin

sabrina...this is for you (;

our coach journey takes about 7 hours


a group picture of us at the bowl!!!
photographer : darrence

mun ee took this photo of me...thx!!
i love this picture^^

from left to right : darryl, chuan keng & kelvin

from left to right : kah wao, chuan keng, darryl, mun ee
from left to right : kah wao, sabrina, chuan keng & darryl

after bowling..we went for arcade!!!
mun ee & i saw these 4 boys racing & we were like super high just looking by looking at them..
so we took photos of them...

look at their serious face

my baby was 1st!!!!!!!!

couple shot : sabrina & her BF playing percussion

from left to right : chuan keng, kah wao, kelvin, darryl & mun ee

couple shot : i love u baby!!!

another group photo of us((:

we had movie after that...
watched " i am no. 4"

after movie...we went back to our hotel rooms to wash up & cam whore ^^

we played card games but the best game in the whole trip is the water game!!!
all of us drank almost 8 tubs of water every night during the vacation...
healthy babies ~~
monopoly deal for warm-up

i look freaking ugly ._.

nice shot!
from left to right : me, sabrina, matthias, darryl & mun ee

this is the photo of the water game...
basically you just have to keep sabo-ing people & drink water...
BLOATED at the end...yea



just joking...darrence took this photo of him

there is rule card in the game & the rule for 1 of the game is all boys must wear a pin on their fringe!!!
look at these pretty boys(;

chuan keng!!!

darryl :DD

DAY 2!!!

we didnt took any photos on day 2 because we never bring our cameras out.
we basically went to the out-door theme park & had rides all day & ate kenny roger for dinner((:

DAY 3!!!!!!!

we woke up late!!!! >.<
missed breakfast & rushed our morning through..

we went out-door to play our last ride after we checked out our rooms.
our last ride of the trip..flying coaster

last 2 group photos...

darrence & i thought of getting something special for our 1st trip together so we made wax-hand figure together on the 2nd day.

our waxed hands... meant nothing i guess
but its nice((:

we'll get something special on every trip we go together from now on baby(;

ok,,that's the end of the genting trip post!!!

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