Sunday, March 27, 2011

HELLO people!!!

ok,,the reason why i am blogging now is because i am BORED >.< i am at one of the lan shop locating @ AMK. baby & friends are playing DOTA while im rotting here waiting for them to end their game.

3 loooooong hours for me to blog & rant whatever i want here.

he is sitting beside me now but he prolly won't know what im ranting here until after his game because he is very serious in his games...
recently..i had a determination to learn & play DOTA & give it a try. i know this may sound shocking to most people who knows me well BUT yea((: im learning how to play DOTA._. baby downloaded garena on my lappy and i am going to learn how to play ZEUS character first. i don't know when can i successfully learn finish & win my first match because i am a gamingIDIOT. this game may take years for me to even master man... >.<

random post from baby after finishing 1 game...FINALLY :
im darrence here .. hi GUYS!! know what? i just simply love my baby<3 FOREVER DUDE!:))

the reason why i chose to learn how to play ZEUS is because i like greek gods & goddesses. i simply love watching greek shows,movies & their legends like medusa..etc.
up till now...i've already learnt how to get into a game. I KNOW i'm frigging noob..nobody need to learnt that part..BUT I DO >.< the most difficult part of all the things i've learnt till now is the clicking of the mouse. my fingers cant coordinate well. i'll be easily confuse my which side of the mouse should i click..LEFT OR RIGHT. maybe because im already use to clicking only on the left side of the mouse so i can't coordinate another finger to click the right-.-

anyways.. im still determine to learn & play DOTA someday (;
ok...enough ranting for now.
heehee tata!!

p.s: 90210 is nice^^v

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