Monday, May 25, 2015

#17 Salon De Choix: Pixel Hair

Hi ladies!
Like what the title says...
I went back to Salon De Choix & get pixelated!
Q. What is pixelated hair?
It's a new hair colour technique that achieves a new chromatic dimension and color pixelated effect on the hair. It plays with the movement and transforming these textures into the appearance of the pixel effect—something that's hardly seen in Singapore yet! Definitely a hair colour technique worth to try for daredevils out there!

As usual, awesome services is always~
Magazines and light refreshments served to keep you companied through 
your luxurious hair pampering session.

To start off... 
I chose to have darker ash based hair colour

& had pixelated bleach sides.
See Chester looking really serious with his painting...Teehee!!

See my "boxy" bleached highlights!

With some heating & washing...

This is how it looks like after the bleaching!

The pixel parts are suppose to be hot pink & light pink.
But it was changed to orange and pink last minute.
I was hoping to get pink and all pink but oh wells...
Maybe next time~

Now it's William's turn to colour my highlights!

In details...

After much waiting...

Here's the final result!

My pixelated highlights!
I was a little surprise by how it's not only pixel but ombré looking too!
Also, orange to reddish-pink pixels doesn't look as bad too!! (:

{ Backview }
{ Sideviews }
I really like how it's not too loud for anyone to accept. 
Unlike a lot of fashion walkway hair-show, this is quite acceptable! 
If you prefer to have it louder, you can always request for it.
Bae came to visit me!

Do you like my new pixel hair?

If you do...

Salon De Choix!!!

Tel: +65 6836 2959
Opening hours: 1030am - 0830pm daily!

3 Killiney Road #01-06
Winsland House 1 S(239519) 
Just take MRT to Somerset Station and walk towards KPO cafe.

Remember to quote my name to get 15% off! (:

& right after that day...
I went back to Salon De Choix to prep for a hair show.

Look at all the busy models~

See my makeup for the hair show!

 With pretty Hashy!

Adorable Isabella
& lastly a group photos with the pretty girls that night!

On a side note, I've just video-ed new videos for my youtube channel!^^
So do keep a lookout on new videos (coming soon...)
In the meantime, go be beautiful!

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