Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Review: Feet Haven Reflexology || The Art Of Healing ♥

Long before I went for my EU/UK trip (more than a month ago by now...)

I went to Feet Haven, Serangoon.
Just so you know, there's 2 outlets in Singapore.
The first outlet is at Katong and the second branch (the one I went to) is at Serangoon.

The first impression of the place is really clean, quiet & peaceful. 
Just what I really needed to soothe my soul (ahhhhhh... namaste~)

There's a range of services to choose and my friends & I chose their popular 50/50 massage!
This consist of 30min on foot reflexology & another 30min on shoulders and neck.
I was sooooo fair before I left Singapore T_T

Anyways... I went with mommy A

& Renfred (:

Let me start of with my typical sausage thighs... :P

The couches we sat on was really comfortable that you can literally sink into it!
Needless to say, the foot massage was just amazing!

This is my masseuse (:
She was really professional and friendly throughout the whole session!
I hate awkward silence so she always do little small talks. 
Also, I'm a little scared of itchiness so she'll always ask if her strength 
was appropriate and whether if its comfortable or not. 

After the 30min foot reflexology,
we head on to our body massage.
Both of us got the couple suite. *yay!!*
The room is really cozy with dim lights and soothing aroma scent.

Me trying to look good for a picture before the massage because I figured I'll look half-awake after that.
p.s.: The lighting was adjusted brighter for this picture too~


One more #CELFIÉ right after the massage to show you how good it actually was!
My morning face just tells it all!
I was "cracked up" all over and I finally felt that my bones were all aligned back to where they're suppose to be!
It's amazing! PLUS, IT'S NOT PAINFUL AT ALL!!!

A happy customer... A happy blogger!

Top - H&M
Bottom - Seventeenthlane (blogshop)
Bag - BKK
Sandals - Zalora
Accessories - Bracelet from Pandora, Dreamcatcher from *Scape

Three shiiiiiiokk & just-wake-up faces after the massage!

One of the best part about having our massage done at Serangoon Gardens is to have good food right after the massage within walking distance!

We head to Chomp Chomp to feast!
photo credit to Angeline

What's good food with no desserts right?!
Whenever I visit Chomp Chomp, I'll sure to visit Ice Edge (it's around the corner!) too!

My all-time favourite rum & raisin
Finally, my cravings are satisfied ((:

I had an awesome evening spent at Serangoon Gardens!

If you're still pondering which reflexology to go to...
Hesitate no more & choose FEET HAVEN!
Not only do they have quality services with professional masseuse,
they're also affordable with their saver packages!

Do check their website for more informations!

In the meantime,
namaste~ & go be beautiful!

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