Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wordy Update.

Hi beloved readers of mine!
I know i haven't been updating my blog for a week by now...
Haven't had the time to do so right now as i have a lot of events coming right up this coming weeks (:
i'll blog soon but meanwhile...
please do follow my Instagram if you haven't do so.
Link HERE!
I'll do more updates there while on the go (:

Here are some of my events coming right up!

1. University Interview!
I'm soooo happy when i received my interview email from SIT!
It's like a golden chance to my dream degree course!
Wish me luck guys!^^

2. Exclusive Media Launch!
There will be a new media launch coming right up and i'm invited^^
Definitely gonna blog about that so do read my blog yea?!

3. Le Boy's 21st!
So... i'm coming up with a H.U.G.E plan which is also the main part of the 
reason why i'm so busy these few days.
Anyway, this is definitely going up on my blog as well (;

4. Winner... Oh Yeah?!~
Still remember the blog entry on winning a NIKON Camera contest?
Read my blog entry HERE

& my entry on winning free movie tickets to Oz The Great and Powerful?
Read my blog entry HERE!
I won both contests!^^
I won myself a Nikon CoolPix Tote goodies bag and also 
2 free tickets to catch the Disney Movie, Oz The Great and Powerful!
Gonna blog about what i've got from the CoolPix Goodies Bag as well as the
 new movie review on the movie so stay tune to my blog :DD

Yup... currently here are some of the latest events i'm busy with
& also some of the blog entries you can anticipate^^

Alright, got to go!
Till the next entry,
SMILE & be beautiful!


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