Tuesday, February 5, 2013

AH BOYS TO MEN 2 (update)

Hello again!

As the title says... 
today's blog entry is gonna be about the movie premiere i've attended few days ago.
I was invited to ABTM2 movie premiere at Vivocity's GV by a friend 
who is a customer of Prudential. A little info to why Prudential have this privileges is 
mainly because of Jack Neo new upcoming movie!
I'm not sure when and what kind of movie it's gonna be but Prudential is gonna 
be one of the main sponsors to the next movie thus, 
the reason why Prudential customers and their staffs get to watch ABTM2 for FREE!
So stay tune to Jack Neo's upcoming movie!^^

I invited my BFF, Felicia 
to watch the movie premiere with me!
Before our movie, 
we went for some last minute CNY shopping @ BUGIS STREET (:

Love my green contacts in this picture!
I remember buying it from an optic shop at 3 pairs for $27. That is only $9 per pair!
It's a monthly contact and it's relatively comfortable. (:

Didn't take any photos while doing our shopping sprees...
However, we did bought quite a fair bit of goods from BUGIS STREET!
Gonna blog more about my CNY's OOTD soon! (:
Meanwhile, let's focus!!!

After shopping, we went to Kungfu Paradise to have some food before the movie premiere!
My all time favourite Steamed Custard Lava Bun :DD
#foodporn photos.......
*scroll down*

Here's my pretty + super sibei skinny girlfriend posing for a shot for me ((:

#foodporn session!




Stir Fried Noodles with Chicken Cutlet 

Here's my #ootd.
♥ Studded X Camo 

I'm dressed for the occasion!^^
Studded dress sponsored by Alescere
Love my heels from VINCCI!!!
Bought them at JPO (Johor Premium Outlet)

Featuring Fel's newly bought S2 phone casing!

Before the movie, 
Jack Neo had a little speech in front for the audience.
The 6 main casts were there watching the movie too!!!

I didn't get to take any photos with the main cast tho... ):
Here are the only photos i had....
From what Jack Neo says...
ABTM2 is his no. 20+ movie!!!

From Left to Right:
My new friend, Florance from The Prudential, My friend, Zhang Yang, Me (duh?!~) & my BFF, Felicia.

The movie was AWESOME!!!!!
I laughed and cried throughout the whole show!!!
It's really a good show that everyone should catch!
It's totally different from the first show i must say. 
I would rate it a 8.5/10. Good enough?? haha!
More scenes of what's going on at Tekong, the importance of brotherhood, life of a soldier and satisfaction they will have after POP! (:
I can't wait for my boyfriend to get into NS^^

Here's another group photo of us after the movie!

Thank you soooo much Florance for giving us tickets to the movie premiere!
It's a really good show and hope to see you real soon!^^

Last but not least, a BIG thank you to Zhang Yang ((:
For inviting me and my friend to this movie premiere!
It's definitely a fantastic show and hope to see you real soon too :DD

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  1. The show brings me back the old memories of army life. This is the " must see " movie for boys, girls, men, women....


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