Monday, December 24, 2012

X'mas OOTD

Christmas is exactly tomorrow and i'm going to blog another post about Christmas before leaving for JB tomorrow to celebrate my favourite day of the year with my polymates!

Anyway, for today's post... 
i'm going to share with you guys some themes my sissy and i came up with for this year's X'mas OOTD.
There's gonna be 4 themes namely Cute, Elegant, Punk Chic and Casual.
In each theme, both my sissy and i are going to wear different outfits to fit 
each theme in our own apparels from our own wardrobes (:

I hope this entry is gonna be interesting as my sissy and i are 5 years apart..
that means... we might have really different taste for the clothes we like and wear.

First up! 

Here's my sister's Cute Outfit for X'mas (: 
Simple tank top with a matching polka dot skater skirt.
Accessorize the whole look with a leopard print scarf and a maroon beanie!
Here's her definition of CUTE 

Here's my definition for a Cute Outfit on X'mas (:
Simple casual top: City Plaza
Flirty Frilled Skirt: Kristine's Collection
Floral headband and bracelet: Sydney


Different outfits of cuteness overloads my blog!

Next up!!

Here's my sister's elegant outfit for X'mas (: 
A simple dress with a sheer cardigan pull over and accessorize with a bohemian headband that i bought for her from China, ShenZhen (:

Here's my elegant OOTD!

Dress: Kristine's Collection
Arm candy: DIVA
p.s.: The dress i wore (above) is an upcoming design from Kristine's Collection (: Stay tune to next year's CNY collection for this dress!^^


This might be my sissy's favourite theme!
Camo jacket: Flea market
Studded headband: Flea market
Denim Highwaist shorts: Flea market
My sissy is an expert when she comes to shopping for goods in a flea market!
Majority of the items she wear for this outfit comes from the flea market :DD

Here's my punk chic outfit (;
Cherry bralet: Sports Girl, Sydney
Leather Jacket: TEMT, Sydney
High Waist shorts: TEMT, Sydney
Tassel necklace: Rainbow Mochi
I wore the necklace as a retro headband..IDEA right?!

CAMHO again!!
We, the KOH sisters cant live without camwhoring :DD

My best camwhoring buddy 

Last but not least....

Here's my sister's definition of casual!
Furry leopard jacket: BKK
Denim shorts: Bondi beach market, Sydney
Here's how my sissy flaunt her gorgeous waist where she always called it the BIG.FAT.TUMMY.

Here's my Casual Outfit :DD
Love my elf looking outfit for X'mas :DD
X'mas hat: DAISO
Red pullover: Seventeenthlane
Hight waist short: City Plaza
Heart Shades: Paddy's Market, Sydney

Do we look alike?? (:
Because this is our last theme and outfit...
we camho-ed again...& this time..
please bear with the mass camho photos!!!

The last photo was epic.
I hope you guys found new inspirations for the outfits you wanna wear for this year's X'mas (:
My sis and i had a lot of fun making this post!
Do leave me a comment at the nuffnangx box below if you want to see and read more of such OOTD entry!
Might do one more entry like this for New Year if you guys like it^^

Till the next post,

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