Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012 FORMULA 1

It's been 2 months since 2012 FORMULA 1.
Nevertheless, i'm still gonna blog about my belated belated post!!
My aunt gave me 2 tickets for Day 2 event to the F1.

  Basically, from what i know..
In 2012, FORMULA 1 started at AUSTRALIA & ends at BRAZIL.
 Singapore is place round 14.
In this 3 days, 
the 1st day is usually for the "trial run" for all drivers to get used to the circuit.
2nd day is when they rank the competitors. 
Whoever came first will be the first on the last and actual day.
Lastly, the 3rd day... when they determine the winner(:

I brought my boy to watch F1 with me!!^^

Here's our tag!!
#ootd :
Top from The Handle Bar.
Review here:

The stage where maroon5 sang!!! :DD

From what my boy say,
these are class B cars (:
They are fast but not as fast as the ones of class A.

Baby trying out his mini ear muffs (:

Our picnic dinner!! (:
Listening to a concert while enjoying our food..
Life's good like this...

After our dinner comes the actual F1.
They are LOUD.
Here are some clear shots taken by my boy.
He enjoys the race more than i do :/
I'm not very fond of the racing but more of the pretty cars that zoom by!! 

Some camho photos before i end this post off ^^

An advertorial coming right up prolly tomorrow!!
Stay tune (;

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