Friday, June 1, 2012

Off to the Cliff (Part 3)

After trekking, we went to a Japanese Restaurant in town for dinner (:
here are the feast photos!!! 

 The side dishes (:

Our main dishes (:

Clara & i had this dishes called the "half main courses" where 
you can have best of both worlds (:
This means that we can each order 2 main dishes to try & the portions are halved so that we can finish both the main courses...
isn't that just AWESOME :DD

the other main courses are from our friends (:

After dinner, we went over to the Star City, the casino to have a look (:
Didnt take any photos there...
so these are the only 2 photos we took before crossing the bridge to the casino.

with all the photos, that marks the end of this big post that needs 3 parts to finish!!! 
The rest of the events & photos will be blog when im back in Singapore (:

This is my last day in Sydney...
my last night.
i'm gonna miss this place, 
the school..
the CMB buddies...
the friends..
the sceneries..
the culture..
the shopping..
the food..
the attractions..
the weather..
GOD..Singapore is soooo H.O.T 
& many more!!!
3 months just flew past quickly!!
it has been an amazing trip for me (:
i've learnt a lot, enjoyed myself & made new friends...
Sydney is definitely a place i would love to go again someday!!!
blog soon!!

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