Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Instagram ♥ : Shopping Spree!!!

 See Clara trying to start packing her luggage...
it's a chore to pack luggage... I SWEAR!!!

 i miss PIE FACE!!!
it's the best pie i've ever eaten!!!! 
favourite pie : CHUNKY STEAK 

 yummy supper in the night

i'm currently having 2 days MC at home...
haven't been well ever since i was back from Sydney ):
the weather change is too drastic...
now, i miss the cooling weather in Sydney...
Singapore is soooooo HOT & HUMID!!!
my body tried to adapt the weather here but it failed after 2 weeks .___. having flu, dry cough & sore throat.
my mucus is GREEN & SLIMY now )):
hope i'll be better by tomorrow.
i'll blog soon!!
& i'll most prolly be going for the biggest flea festival this SATURDAY
so see you people there!!!

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