Tuesday, December 20, 2011

19.12.2011 babyDUSKY ♥

this is gonna be a sad post about my beloved son, 

babyDUSKY never fails to surprise me with his funny actions...
always makes me dote him more day after day  (:
He loves to climb a lot...

& he does this everyday... 

one of the best tricks that he does.
& he always do this to impress everyone that comes & see him :DD
mommy is SOOO proud of you^^ 

babyDUSKY also loves to store his food in his mini house at lvl 2. 

he even make e effort to take some of e beddings to keep it safety. 

One of the best things babyDUSKY do best is...
SNOOZING away while eating. zzz 

babyDUSKY always sleeps like this...
best part of all??
he likes to slide down & head tilting forward just like the photo!!
Cute max isn't he?? 

babyDUSKY is not picky!!!
he munch on his greens when we put it in his food bowl 

regular trainings...
making babyDUSKY stand on 2 legs & take his treat!!

Happily munching on his treat^^ 

Look at his eyes...
how will i not miss u baby?? )':

sometimes..mommy feed babyDUSKY like this!!!
babyDUSKY will never hurt mommy...
even till the end of your journey ))':

silly moments when i need to camwhore my newly designed nails,
babyDUSKY is always there to help^^ 

babyDUSKY kissing mommy's nose  

one thing babyDUSKY is bad at..
he practically hates it..
so we had to pour his lavender scented sand into a gulp 
& put him in to make him bath.

babyDUSKY likes to daydream too..(just like mommy) 
he can stone & stare blankly for as long as i can do too!!! 

new PINK bedding 

 when daddy mommy first bought babyDUSKY, he is 6 weeks old.
8months later..babyDUSKY is ill. ):
when babyDUSKY lean his head on his wheel...
he doesn't want to eat or drink anymore ):
he is getting lighter... 

when daddy mommy thought u're just tired..
i held u up & that's when i realize, your eyes are wet.
you can't open your eyes anymore )":
 you're getting weaker & weaker..
and i felt your heartbeat slower & slower as minutes pass....
just as when daddy & mommy had to go out for dinner,
you left us quietly.
is this how u try not to see daddy & mommy sad?? ):

19/12/2011 near midnight.
babyDUSKY left with his hands in his favourite food bowl 
& stand with his 2 hind-legs.

thanks for being with daddy & mommy all these 8months.
Tho 8months is really short, 
i really had a lot of fun & enjoyment w you around (:
you will ALWAYS be the smartest & cutest hamster mommy ever had..
i love you 

where ever you are now,
be HAPPY & ACTIVE always^^
do miss me too...
you will always live in my heart. (:
lots of love,


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