Sunday, November 6, 2011

a whole new experience~

make my dreams come true!!~

gonna blog a wordy post today as i have no photos of it yet (;
had a wonderful experience today that i thought i could never had experience..

i had a photoshoot for a blogshop(coming soon!) today!! :DD

im not really chosen to be their blogshop model yet... just an interview with a photoshoot (:
but im really happy to get to experience something i thought i could never try!!

the whole story goes like this...

i was surfing the net and i googled "blogshop model 2011"
there is a list of websites as usual & i clicked on the link to gumtree where it showed blogshops looking for models there!!
so...i happily went on to read on some of those & i've decided to apply for one of the advert.
it's for this new blogshop that is gonna launch soon called, QUERIDO LOVE (:

so i emailed them & days after... i receive their email saying that there will be an interview!!!
i was like ''OMG!!!!!!! ARE YOUUUUU SERIOUS?!!!"
i thought i don't look good enough or photogenic enough to even get selected for just an interview!!

so TA-DAHHHH!!!!
today is the interview & it went.....smooooooooooooothly~ *i guess?*
i had quite a few awkward moments here & there in the first few shots & soon after, i felt better & guess what again?!!! I'M ENJOYING~ ^~^

i had a talk with the lady bosses of the new blogshop after the photoshoot..
it's an interview actually...LOL.
they complimented me saying that i have the looks for the theme they wanna portray for their blogshop^~^
*boost my confidence you know?!! :P *

However,there are a lot of other applicants other than me applying for the same job...
sadly...only 1 or 2 may be chosen to be their model of interest... ):

After experiencing it for the first time...i fall in love with it!!
enjoy looking pretty & pose with gorgeous apparels that pretty ladies out there would love to buy~

i'll just cross my finger & hopefully they will pick me (:
gonna know who will be selected by next week!!

that's all folks~

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