Thursday, September 29, 2011

sweet 19th (Artease @Scape*)

19th Birthday @Artease

BFFs celebrated my birthday at Artease, Cineleisure (:
this is lil' Chewy Junior specially made for me^~^
On a side note...while waiting for them to arrive, i went to Scape* Flea & bought all these.
Gonna sell away that black leather pants on my new blogshop (coming soon!!)

LOOK at this GIANT BBT!!!
4 of us can hardly even finish it. Trust that BIG a bowl.

this is the back of the menu @Artease.
Interesting right?!!


my Chewy Juniors 'Birthday Cake'

LOVE YOU HOT BABES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for everything!!!
blogging soon again...most prolly will have another post on B'DAY.

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