Thursday, December 6, 2012

D.I.Y nail art X contest

Hello lovelies
As Christmas is around the corner...
I would like to wish everyone 
a Merry Christmas in advance!!
#ootd :
Christmas elf hat : DAISO
Purple Tassel Necklace : Rainbow Mochi , blog entry HERE
Off shoulder top : The Daisy Closet , blog entry HERE


Have you heard of BlogShopping?
There are one of the famous multi label concept store for many well-known blogshops online (:
Recently,  they held a Model Search contest looking for new faces!

One of my poly friend shared this picture below to me & ask me to go for a try.
I was like... "why not?!" (:
And so i sent my application to them.
Like any other days.. i was having my usual daydreams on how 
awesome it would be to win that $200 worth of shopping vouchers to shop 
for gorgeous apparels and have a HUGE shopping spree!! 
Hahahah ;DD

To my surprise,
i was selected for BlogShopping model hunt!! 
I was like "YAYYYYY!!~~ One more step forward for my blogging and modelling career!!"
10 girls (including me) was selected to get votes and only 5 girls with the highest no. of likes get to go to the final round (:
Chances of winning depends on

Now to advertise for myself..
heehee ^~^
Like my picture that looks like this (below) at this link:

I doubt i'll win this contest as i'm an exclusive model for Kristines Collection.
Nevertheless, i'd still wish to get into the top5 and go into the final round!
The rest of the contestants are really gorgeous too!!
Some girls have really unique personality portrayed in that single photo of them!
Every single vote counts!!
So here's my BIG THANK YOU 
to those already LIKED and supported me.
for those who are going to LIKE after reading this entry!


As the festive season arrives, 
many of us would start to get vain and one of the things we do is painting our nails for the season!
I love to D.I.Y my nails especially for special occasions and/or 
festive seasons like the ones coming up!!

Hence, i going to share with you guys my latest D.I.Y nail art for this Christmas!!
as you can see.. 
Here are the colours and tools i used to make my nails.
Basically, they are some assorted colours i picked to fit the season (:
I love the REVLON's Multi Care Base + Top coat
It's 2 in 1!!!

From left to right: 
- Random Turquoise nail color, 
- Sally Hansen's Devil Red, 
- REVLON's Multi Care Base + Top coat ,
- Random Korean brand nailart designers in 
BLACK & WHITE (bought them in Sydney),
- THE FACE SHOP'S Glitter 


& Right.

I always felt this way...
 Hence, i always do my right nails as a much slower pace so that i wont ruin my "art piece".
 I hope you guys learn something today and feel free to try the nail arts at home!!

Before i end this entry...
another camho photo~
time to continue my studies..

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