Friday, October 12, 2012

A Date with Le Boy♥

Ever since Le boy work at Uniqlo, 
we spent lesser time together during the holidays due to his busy working schedule. fine day,
i'd manage to steal him for a date with me!!^^
Here's my #ootd
Pussy Bow Cape Dress from Kristine's Collection
This is an upcoming piece so do watch out for their launch to this sweet design!!

Here's a back view!!!

Another clearer photo of my Outfit of the Day
taken by Le boy 

Camho photo of us

Le boy wanted eat his old school favourite Chicken Rice 
at Old Woodlands Town Centre's Coffee Shop (:
This stall has been here since Le boy was small.
He grew up there & the stall auntie still remember him till now^^

Somehow Singapore's good food always come from these old coffee shops!!

Here's our 
Chicken & Char Siew

Yummy Chicken Rice
This ain't ordinary rice!!!
It's really yummy-licious :DD

& my all-time favourite 
Sugarcane juice with lime!!
Always have to order this when i come to such coffee shop!!
Cannot miss this one (;

know what?!
Blogging about food makes me hungry already!!! >.<
Haven't ate anything since the morning!!
Time for food!!!

Till the next post,
(which is prolly after lunch)
be beautiful & SMILE :DD

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