Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Nineteenth Monthsary ♥


After a loooooooooooooong 3month internship, 
BF & i finally get to go on a date again on our monthsary...
Time really flies pass quickly, we're already together for almost 1year & a half!!!
 On the train to town for our date 
 Headed to Somerset's Orchard Central for Lunch 
@ EwF, Everything With Fries 
 The set meals are all S$9.90 each & it comes with a choice of the burger, fries (with 6 different flavors to choose from) & a soft drink.
 here's a picture of my babyBOY 
 #chubby cheeks_me

i personally love the original fries & battered fish sandwichthe best (:
The portion is really huge so it's super worth it for just S$9.90!!! 
 After lunch, we head down to Cineleisure for a movie session (:
Bought Sticky on the way...


it's super hilarious!!!
i would rate a 8.5/10 because it's really hilarious but too bad, 
it's M18 because they showed a dick slam on the glass wall hard....LOL.
i dont even remember if there is any boob scenes at all tho... :/
but it is definitely a show that you MUST WATCH!!!
for those that are below 18...
BOO YA!!!~
just wait for the online version to be out then... 

 im in love with Tribal prints 

 went for a little shopping at the flea @SCAPE and this is what my BF bought...
the bracelet FOR MEN & a black frame (:
i bought 2 tops, a dreamcatcher necklace & a mustache ring..
didn't take any photo of my buys tho...hahahah

 We went to SGH to see BF's grandpa...
he is sick ):
really sick...
 it's personal so i shan't elaborate more...
Anyway, after visiting.. we headed for supper @ Aif restaurant in Bukit Gombak.
ending the post with this photo of me with a 'HUGE' amount of laundry

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